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The school provides a computer learning center where students have access to internet on the 5th floor.

There are multiple computer workstations for students to conduct research or obtain information through online resources as well.

There are no fees for use and the resource center is open from 8:30am to 10:30pm.

Additionally, students can visit the West Valley Regional Library located 2 miles from campus at 19036 Vanowen Street, Reseda, CA 91335.

Please refer to the catalog addendum for the cost of books and supplies by program.

Southern California Health Institute cares about the welfare of its community of students and staff.

As such, academic advising is available to students on a regular basis. Any student seeking advice on their program of study may speak with their instructor or, any member of the academic staff.

Please refer to posted office hours for instructor availability or, schedule an appointment with the Administrative Dean.

The Campus President at Southern California Health Institute may provide information on community resources for students and staff that are in need of social services, drug and alcohol counseling or family counseling.

Alpha beta kappa is the premier national honor society for America's private postsecondary schools, institutes, colleges, universities, and distance learning institutions - serving many institutions for the past 34 years.

Alpha Beta Kappa places chapters in institutions which have demonstrated high standards over a period of many years in the education and training of women and men in the numerous fields, trades and occupations essential to modern society.

SOCHi is known as the sigma gamma chapter of the Alpha Beta Kappa national honors society. Student members are selected by faculty nomination only, and are chosen through excellence in CGPA, attendance, and personal character.

If you are moving to the area from out of town and need housing, we can help. We post rental notices from students, local real estate agencies and other community members who have housing to offer.

However, SOCHi assumes no responsibility for student lodging at these or other accommodations, does not have dormitory facilities under its control, nor offers financial student housing assistance.

Average rental properties range widely from city to city in the Los Angeles metro area with specifics available at Prices in the institution’s zip code range from $1425-$2775 for one and two-bedroom rentals. If you’re interested in housing assistance, please contact the Administrative Dean.

Southern California Health Institute will maintain student records for five years, as required by state law. Student transcripts will be maintained indefinitely.

Students have a right to access their records anytime that the institution is open and during normal business hours. Students desiring to view their records may request to see their records in the school office during normal business hours or may schedule a time to review records when it is convenient to both the student and the school administration.

Only the student and authorized members of the school administration have a right to review student records. No outside personnel or third-party will be allowed to view records except for appropriate state regulatory, federal regulatory or accrediting agency officials or upon proper subpoena.

Financial payment documents will be kept for a period of at least five (5) years after completion or withdrawal of the student. The institution reserves the right to refuse to issue transcripts for training for a student who is not in good financial standing with Southern California Health Institute.

Upon graduation, each graduate will receive two transcripts. * A student or graduate may request a copy of an official transcript of academic coursework that has been completed at Southern California Health Institute by submitting the appropriate form, which must include the student or graduate’s signature, to the registrar. Requests may take up to two weeks to process.

*Southern California Health Institute reserves the right to deny official transcript requests to any student or graduate who is not in good financial standing with the school.

Southern California Health Institute does not guarantee employment to any student upon graduation. Southern California Health Institute does provide all graduates with assistance regarding placement opportunities, resume preparation, job search assistance and interview advising concerning job search and job interview techniques. Placement assistance is available to all graduates of the institution.

SOCHi career services personnel will assist the student with their job search. Assistance consists primarily of educating students in developing the ability to successfully perform the following tasks as the student begins to seek employment:

  • Preparing resumes
  • Developing job interviewing skills
  • Identifying job position openings
  • Following up with employers after interviews
  • Negotiating wages and benefits
  • Maintaining employment once hired
  • Securing opportunities for advancement once hired
  • Developing and utilizing a network of professional contacts who can aid the job search effort

SOCHi provides its graduates with the educational training for entry-level positions in their chosen field of study. Students are encouraged to work closely with Southern California Health Institute and be diligent in their job search. Some employers may require a criminal background check as a condition of employment. Employers may additionally require a prospective employee to submit to a drug test.

Southern California Health Institute strives to enhance the student experience in a variety of ways during their time at the institution. Tutoring is available at no additional cost to students in need of assistance with their studies.

Field trips, guest lecturers and classroom demonstrations of additional modalities and techniques to diversify their skills after graduation are scheduled regularly. Special events and opportunities to give back to the community further provide enrichment to the students during their time at SOCHi.

As a promoter of wellness within the community, the institution feels that all students should have opportunities to improve their well-being. The SOCHi fitness center and massage clinic are available to students and employees at a significantly reduced cost.

Graduation Totals

Massage Therapy Program
Personal Fitness Trainer
Physical Therapy Aide
Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
Medical Assistant Program

Southern California Health Institute - Los Angeles Campus (North Hollywood)

Los Angeles Campus

Our goal at SOCHi Los Angeles is to give students the opportunity to grow and start their career on the right foot.

Just like we want our students to grow, we also want to expand our campuses. Southern California Health Institute is proud to serve the Los Angeles area.