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Join SOCHi’s online medical billing and coding program and earn your diploma. Learn more about how Sochi can assist you in doing that in less than 9 months!

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

The Online Medical Billing and Coding certification program combines the intricacies of billing for an institution and the rich language of coding in a safe context that still provides you with the knowledge of hands-on learning even with our online option. The instructions are provided throughout a 9-month program that is hybrid in it’s inclusion of distanced platforms and informative sessions that give you all you need to have a fruitful career. While you advance your new found skill you will be guided by top of the line instructors who have had years of experience in the realm and will give you the medial billing and coding school requirements for success. At the end of your program you will have a certificate that will get you a key to hopping through the stepping stones of your career and making a medical biller and coder salary.

Job Opportunities

  • Physician Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Dental Offices
  • Collections
  • Home health care service

Be the bridge between healthcare providers and insurance providers and make the world a better and healthier place. Your job will hold together the medical industry and we are ready to welcome you to be a building block in the world of healthcare and wellness. Start your future in our hybrid online Medical Billing and Coding program.

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Get The Skills To Be A Medical Biller Specialist

Get a head start on your education and become a medical biller in as little as 9 months!

Work Remotely as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

The great part about becoming a Medical Billing and Coding specialist at SOCHi is that you can gain the skills to manage your own schedule and work flexibly from the comfort of your home. This is possible through many different avenues that you will learn to take advantage of at our school. Briefly, one way is to get hired at a staffing agency and once you get placed on a gig basis you can have the opportunity to work from home.

Another avenue is getting hired regularly through any Medical Billing or Coding company that allows its employees the leisurely blessing of working remotely. If you have the chance to work at home you can ignore the hassles of travel and have more time to do your work and cut out the middleman of going to and from the institution you work at. This will give you time to have a better work life balance. Working remotely requires a special discipline that is one of many characteristics you will develop throughout our program. After nine months you will have experienced a deep dive on our employment opportunities as an MBC, characteristics required, and basically anything else that is needed to become a specialist.

Demand for Medical Billing and Coding

The demand for certified Medical Billers and Coders is growing everyday and your demand for a stable career is too so this makes for a perfect match. According to BLS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook for billers and coders is “projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations”. Numerically that would round about to 29,000 jobs and opportunities to make your life better and patients lives even better than that. Speaking of those patients, every day as a society we get older and older. The older we get, the more we have to go check ups for our health, this means that there needs to be more insurance companies and doctors involved. Without your help, healthcare providers have no way of being reimbursed and patients have no way of paying for the help that they need. Essentially, the demand for skilled workers will continue to get higher, thus leaving students like you with more opportunities to advance and be in a stable working environment.

Want more details about the Medical Billing and Coding Program?

Medical Billing and Coding School
How Do You Become a Medical Biller and Coder?

There are a few easy steps to become a Medical Biller and Coder and once you have those down you will be able to soar with flying colors.

Research What You Need To Be a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

  • Becoming a MBC Specialist requires hard work. To get your certificate you need to go to attain the skills you need to shine on your resume. It is not enough to just say you are good, you have to prove it as well. Getting certified and having that on your resume requires you to attend a credible institution that can provide you with that certification. First things first, you need to research schools that can provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

Start Researching Schools

  • Researching schools is as easy as a quick google search. Browse around and see what schools are near you, what they provide you with, and what is required for you to attend. This part is important because it is about making sure you have found the right match and we are sure that SOCHi is the one for you. As you go through our website you can find information on financing your education, the classes you will take, and various requirements you need. Take the time to reach out and speak to an admissions representative. With a live person communicating with you can be sure to ensure that all of your questions will be answered.

Visit SOCHi

  • After you have decided you want to hear more or maybe even enroll you can go ahead and visit the school. Getting the feeling of walking around and speaking to actual students will reassure you that you are making the appropriate choice. When you visit you will even get the chance to meet with the financial aid department so they can assist you with paperwork. After enrollment you will be passed off to the wonderful and skilled instructors at Southern California Health Institute.

Study and Graduate

  • As you move on through your months you will be studying and hopefully getting to that graduating stage. After SOCHi your opportunities will be broadened and you will get the opportunity to apply for jobs you now have the training for. Although you may not need it after all your training, you are not alone. The SOCHi Career Services department will be available to you to assist you on your job hunt and point you in the right direction. The point itself is not subtle and also includes resume assistance, courses on how to do your best in an interview from etiquette to dress, private sessions, and even hiring fairs.
Online Medical Billing and Coding Program
Graduate as a medical biller and coder in less than nine months.

As you advance you will find yourself learning something new every moment of the day from problem solving to complex coding even all the way to basic clerical work. In the billing portion you will learn about the financial sectors of the world of health care and how to act out billing practices to assist health care providers. Insurance claims, payments, and processing will be various skills you will develop. Throughout the coding portion you will learn how to take important documents such as lab tests, notes, and records and assign codes to create digestible claims for insurance carriers. The two branches of billing and coding merge together with you as the connector and thus you will give yourself a rock-solid foundation in the field of healthcare. Both branches of the field need each other to keep the healthcare machine going and your lessons will provide you with the tools you need to sustain that machine.

The following list is a compilation of the various modules and lessons you will dive into during your educational experience at Southern California Health Institute:

  • Introduction and EHR
  • Professional Biller
  • Professional Coder 1
  • Professional Coder 2
  • Professional Coder 3
  • Introduction to the Business of Medicine
  • Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Career Prep
  • ICD 10
  • CPT
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Laboratory
  • Medicine
  • Practicum

After all of these courses you will have covered all your bases and on your way to become a successful career professional. Our program can be offered via our hybrid online program which will give you a mix of online learning and in person meeting.

MBC Career
Where Can a Medical Biller and Coder Work?

With a high demand for medical billing and coding, that leaves graduates leaving our medical billing and coding school with many opportunities for employment. Employment for billing and coding is not one dimensional and can show itself in various ways. Many places that billers or coders work can range from working in physicians’ offices all the way to collections agencies.

The older our society gets and the more healthcare we need the more opportunities certified billing and coding professionals get to have stable work settings in multiple areas of healthcare.

It’s a common misconception that specialists end up only in physicians' offices but in reality, your certificate can give you access to many institutions where you can practice your craft and help individuals in need.

Below are a few places where you can have a long career with benefits:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Collections
  • Dental Offices
  • Home health care service
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Physician Offices
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
Certified Professional Coder I
  • Lecture Hours: 90
  • Lab Hours: 60
  • Contact Hours Hours: 150

In this course the student will learn all the necessary guidelines for diagnostic and procedural coding from medical reports for the following IDC-10, CPT and HCPCS classifications: anesthesia, general surgery, integumentary system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

Professional Biller
  • Lecture Hours: 75
  • Lab Hours: 75
  • Contact Hours Hours: 150

This course introduces the student to health insurance and reimbursement. In this course, the student will become familiar with common medical billing practices, the health insurance industry, legal and regulatory issues and differences in reimbursement methodologies.

The student will learn principles of medical billing related to proper claim form preparation, submission, and payment processing, and the follow up process.

This course is recommended for anyone who is preparing for a career in a medical billing department at a physician's office, clinic, or other healthcare entity, and as a claims examiner for insurance carriers.

  • Practicum Hours: 150
  • Contact Hours Hours: 150
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of all other courses

Externship helps new and experienced medical coders get real-world experience coding actual redacted medical charts.

This coding practice tool helps to improve coding skills across multiple specialties, allowing a new coder to gain coding and billing experience.

Making Money as a Medical Biller and Coder

Once you graduate and get certified you will eventually land yourself a dream job. The point of attending SOCHi was to earn yourself a high income while helping others and it’s finally time! MBC Specialists can start at $20 an hour and just last year the highest 10% earned over $70,000! Since Medical Billing Specialists require such a specified training employer usually see their employees’ value. No matter the setting your team knows what it is like to do your work in some capacity or another whether they are a direct supervisor at an agency or a nurse at a doctor’s office.

As a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, the work you do is worth a lot. It’s worth 9 months of training and a walk across a wooden stage to be exact. In this field, you are recognized for your talent and you are not disposable. This value will reflect your finances. As your salary starts going up, you will understand that the training was all worth the while.

How Do You Finance Your Education?

Financing your education at Southern California Health Institute leaves you with plenty of options. At SOCHi, we have a FA Center, or Financial Aid Center, that assists you with all of the options at your disposal. After a meeting with an advisor they will assess your financial situation and recommend the best option or help you achieve the option you prefer.

Funding your school can be done through a pell grant if you are eligible. A pell grant is offered by the federal government that will fund the majority of your schooling and leave you to finish off the remaining small portion. Aside from a grant, you can also opt for a loan.

A loan is just like a grant, except you have to pay it back on a timely basis. Loans are a regular part of the educational process in America and our Financial Aid Department is designed to make it as easy as possible for you. Oftentimes, information regarding finances can be a bit fuzzy, but our advisors are here to make it as digestible as possible as we explain your options.

We can even sit with you in a private session and fill out your FAFSA with you. A FAFSA form is the federal form that is required to be filled out before receiving all the options you can receive for school funding. Students who choose to not receive a grant or loan can pay for their education through a payment plan we help them set up. No matter the situation, we will help you find a way to fund your schooling, just reach out!

Medical Billing and Coding as a Career

Our MBC Program will leave you a career that is bound to provide you with a stable income and room to grow. As you act as a vessel of communication for healthcare providers and insurance carriers you will be helping individuals in need of care. After attending our MBC School you will have learned not just about billing and coding, but also patience, commitment, and attention to detail. It’s one thing to make your resume look good, but we want our students to feel good as they accomplish their goals.

If you want a career that lets you help others receive care on the administrative front, then Medical Billing and Coding is the field for you.

Experienced Faculty
MBC Faculty

SOCHI faculty members share their breadth of life experiences and interests that fuel the excellent learning environment on campus.

Scholarship and Financial Aid
Medical Billing and Coding Program

SOCHi will also assist students in applying for student financial assistance in order to defray the cost of their education.

This career initiative serves the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Cities in range can include Calabasas, Pacoima, San Fernando, Reseda, Burbank, Sun Valley, North Hills, Glendale, Northridge. Hidden Hills, Sherman Village, Encino, Arleta, Valley Village, Santa Clarita, North Hollywood, & Van Nuys.