Southern California Health Institute Academic Programs

  • Credential Awarded
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Externship/Student Clinic
  • Occupational Licensing Requirements
  • California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC: School Code SCH0074)
  • Classroom Ratios

Southern California Health Institute awards a certificate to students who complete the graduation requirements as stated in this catalog.

The following certificate programs are offered at Southern California Health Institute.

programs of study

A certificate of completion will be awarded to those students meeting the following graduation requirements:

  • 1. CGPA 2.0 or better
  • 2. 80% attendance for the entirety of the program is required in all programs
  • 3. Completion rate of 66.67% for all credit hour courses attempted and 80% for all clock hour courses attempted.
  • 4. In good financial standing with the school

Students eligible for a certificate of completion are those who have satisfactorily completed their course of study with a CGPA of 2.0 or better and a minimum of 80% attendance for the entirety of the program.

If a third-party is paying for a student’s program of study, the school will not issue the certification of completion until the balance has been paid in full. If a student does not meet graduation requirements, records of his/her attendance and grading will be maintained through official transcripts.

All students in the Advanced Professional Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab, and Personal Fitness Trainer/Health & Wellness Professional programs must have their first aid & CPR certification prior to graduation.

Externship/student clinic is a critical aspect of training and education at Southern California Health Institute and requires a great deal of commitment. It is the practical application of everything the student has learned during his or her course of study. See the externship manual for additional details.

Externship/student clinic is considered a regular class in the student’s course of study. The schedule is set and must be adhered to. Externship/student clinic hours are calculated to maintain the student’s full-time enrollment status. Failure to complete the mandatory scheduled externship/student clinic hours can Also affect the student’s eligibility for Title IV federal student aid.

Attendance at both the student clinic and the externship site is essential to successful completion of the student’s course of study.

Any missed hours must be made up before a student shall be permitted to graduate. If a student is unable to attend scheduled externship/student clinic hours for any reason, the student must notify career services as soon as possible in order to schedule the required make-up hours.

Students may not receive payment or any form of compensation for duties performed at the externship site or student clinic; the student receives only credit toward the completion of his or her program of study.

No state licensure is required for Physical Therapy Aides, Massage Therapists, Personal Fitness Trainers, Medical Billing and Coding Specialists, or Medical Assistants in the state of California. However, massage therapists are required to obtain a permit from the city or county in which they want to work. Prior to enrollment, all students are advised to check with the city and/or county where they would like to be employed about the requirements needed to obtain a massage permit in that city or county. Before enrolling, students should also be aware that background checks may be required in order to obtain permits, licensure, or voluntary certification for a career in massage therapy.

Southern California Health Institute’s students are eligible, upon graduation and successful passage of the MBLEX exam, to become a certified massage therapist (CMT) through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). The CAMTC has approved Southern California Health Institute’s curriculum for certification in accordance with senate bill 731 (SB 731) of the state of California. For more information about certification through the CAMTC contact them directly at (916) 669-5336 or at

The state of California does not issue any type of licensure to massage therapists or physical therapy aides. In order to practice massage therapy, graduates of either the Advanced Professional Massage Therapy or Physical Therapy Aide programs may receive voluntary certification from CAMTC. This voluntary certification will permit the therapist to practice massage throughout the state of California depending on the employer’s requirements. Students who wish to work as massage therapists outside of California are encouraged to research the specific requirements needed to be legally eligible for employment within that state. Licensure and/or certification requirements vary state to state. Likewise, the state of California does not issue any type of licensure in order to work as a Personal Fitness Trainer. However, voluntary certification is available through various organizations. The Personal Fitness Trainer/ Health & Wellness Professional program at SOCHi is designed by NASM to prepare the student to sit for the NASM certified personal trainer certification exam. Licensure and/or certification may vary state to state.

Additionally, there is not a California state regulation which requires Medical Billing and Coding Specialists or Medical Assistants to be licensed to work in their field. The Medical Assistant program at SOCHi prepares its students to sit for a certification exam as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) or NCCT.

Because SOCHi voluntarily applied for approval to be a CAMTC approved school for its Advanced Professional Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehabs programs, it is required to publish the following:

  • (1) Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code section 4611, It is an unfair business practice for a person to do any of the following:
    • (a) To hold himself or herself out or to use the title of “certified massage therapist” or “certified massage practitioner,” or any other term, such as “licensed,” “certified,” “CMT,” or “CMP,” in any manner whatsoever that implies or suggests that the person is certified as a massage therapist or massage practitioner, unless that person currently holds an active and valid certificate issued by the California Massage Therapy Council.
    • (b) To falsely state or advertise or put out any sign or card or other device, or to falsely represent to the public through any print or electronic media, that he or she or any other individual is licensed, certified, or registered by a governmental agency as a massage therapist or massage practitioner.
  • (2) Attendance and/or graduation from a California Massage Therapy Council approved school do not guarantee certification by CAMTC. Applicants for certification shall meet all requirements as listed in California Business and Professions Code section 4600 et. seq. l.

(3) A student or any member of the public with questions that have not been satisfactorily answered by the school or who would like to file a complaint about this school may contact the California Massage Therapy Council at One Capitol Mall, Suite 320, Sacramento, CA 95814,, phone (916) 669-5336, or fax (916) 669-5337

Southern California Health Institute has an average student: teacher ratio of 30:1 in lecture settings and 20:1 in most lab settings.

Additionally, classroom assistants are used as needed to provide the optimum learning environment.

Grade reports are issued to students at the completion of each module. Grades are based on the quality of work as shown by written tests, laboratory work, practical assessment, out of class work and projects as indicated on the course syllabus

Grading System

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