Youth Center Gives Back to East Hollywood

Why Is a Career Fair Important

Here in our community, we give back by assisting students in graduating in the field of Health & Wellness and healing their communities one step at a time. We figure that it is one of our priorities to take some time put in work to organizations like us who take the time to give back to their community. That is why on Thursday, March 21st, Southern California Health Institute students will get the opportunity to bring a friend of theirs to visit the school and see what it’s like. Every student that is brought in by another students will get a $10 donation to send to the Visionary Youth Center to assist them in giving back. The Visionary Youth Center is a non-profit that focuses on assisting vulnerable youth in the Los Angeles area, specifically in the community of East Hollywood. Read more below about how The Visionary Youth Center is helping their community.

The youth of the community VYC focuses on assisting tend to be at risk on a broad list of socio economic issues that stem from violence and trauma. East Hollywood is geographically a fairly large community and consists of a diverse population that includes a multitude of identities and ethnicities such as Guatemalan, Armenian, Mexican, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Middle Eastern, and many more cultural backgrounds that make up the neighborhood. The Visionary Youth Center’s goal is to band together with the East Hollywood community and begin to dissolve the youth of the negative symptoms of direct and generational trauma.

How We Uplift Youth?

VYC believes that it is their goal to elevate youth from the effects of trauma and violence that have spilled into their lives and created negative conditions. They state, We believe that violence-related trauma is defined as any relationship, process, or condition by which an individual or a group violates the physical, social, and/or psychological integrity of another person or group.“ on their mission page. That being said, they believe that violence and trauma are inherently related to limiting positivity, efficiency, and a productive life. The mission of uplifting youth is being executed by setting up a center designated for the youth in the community that can create change, raise spirits, harbor bravery, and empower the youth attending to take control of their environments and thrive.

This organization strives to create a world in which the need for safety of local 10-17 year olds is met. This makeshift safe haven is created for the community adolescents to give them a space to flourish without worry or instability. VYC gives their clients the opportunity to arts, recreational activities (dance, music, and sports), counseling, skill development, psycho-educational groups, field trips, access to tutors, mentors, as well as academic, and career counselors. The center makes it a point to treat teens affected by trauma via violence an issue of health and wellness as opposed to a criminal issue or negative framing. VYC strives to treat at risk youth with care and access to an increase in mental health in order to help them blossom in a healthy environment.

Bring A Friend, Be A Friend