SOCHi Winter Career Fair

Winter Career Fair

The Career Services Department at SOCHi was created with the intention of assisting our students with not only gaining employment, but succeeding in those jobs once they obtain them. The Career Services staff will often hold seminars and workshops in class and even schedule appointments to meet with students who have questions about their job search or interviewing process. Another up and coming form of assistance is the Winter Career Fair that can show you how the Career Services Department can help you fulfill your goals. The Winter Career Fair will host employers that SOCHi has relations with and are excited to meet our hard working students and maybe even take some time to get to know them a bit more.

SOCHi Builds Trust With Employers at the Winter Career Fair

The Winter Career Fair will give you a chance to test the waters in your networking skills. The opportunity to meet with respective employers all in one place is not one that everyone gets. The normal application process for most involve applying online to a company and waiting for an interview. Here, you can skip all that and get the opportunity to make a great first impression. You can walk around and just introduce yourself to some of the employers available and leave them hopefully wanting more. Even if you are not completely invested in finding a job right that second, you can practice to see what it’s like to interview with an employer and get hints as to what other employers will ask you in the future.

The employers that are coming to SOCHi have usually associated with SOCHi in the past and have been pleased with what our graduates produce in their respective companies. This Career Fair is one of many that solidify SOCHi’s reputation as a respectable institution that make possibilities become successful realities. That being said, your attendance and effort in seeking out your career goals in a professional manner will not only benefit yourself, but your peers and SOCHi students to come. Employers come to SOCHi because they trust the hardworking graduates that help their companies grow and it’s our job to parallel that growth with our hard work. There is nothing to lose at the Winter Career Fair, you can only walk out with more experience, some connections to prospective employers, and maybe even an invite for a formal interview.

How To Prepare

Preparing for this event should require the same aspects as preparing for an interview such as dressing appropriately and mentally preparing yourself. When dressing up for the event, business casual is the most appropriate attire as it will appear that you look presentable for your employer. Even if the program you are in requires a lot of movement such as Personal Fitness Trainer or Physical Therapy Aide, it is still important you dress professionally and not in gym clothes or lounge attire as it is still a professional setting. What you are wearing while you work is different from what you wear at an interview.

You should also keep in mind that this process does not only consist of small doses of employers interviewing you informally, but it is also your job to interview them as well. Find out what employers interest you and see what you think you would not like to excel in. This is the perfect time to ask employers about what they offer, about their company history or statistics, and even what it’s like to excel in their company. Employers appreciate it when prospective employees want to learn more about what they have to offer. Be sure to still be professional in this process. Only asking or showing interest for pay rate will be a sign for the employer that you do not have the range or aptitude to excel in their company.

Come To The Career Fair

Whether you’re near graduating or just starting, the career fair is a great place to solidify some solid leads into your future. Who knows, maybe you can walk off with a scheduled interview or a new connection with a hiring manager. The career fair is February 20th from 10am to 1pm in the SOCHi gym. Come meet some amazing employers such as Team Health, Equinox, Squeeze and many more Health & Wellness industry employers!

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