Petitioning To Graduate

Why is Graduation important

The day has come! All your hard work has paid off. There's just one more step! Come to SOCHi on Thursday, May 2nd from 10a-12p or 4p-6p to go through your grad petition process. If you are not eligible for petitioning to graduate by May 2nd due to incompletion of the appropriate requirements, you will receive a degree audit. Degree audits assist students in figuring out what steps they need to take to graduate.

Why is Graduation important?

Congrats! You went from “how to graduate quickly” to “how should I decorate my cap” in less than a year! You should be proud of yourself. If you don’t know by now, graduation is an important celebration in your life and it is an event to be admired. This is just one of the many beginnings where you notice that your hard work has paid off. From the day you stepped in SOCHi’s doors, a spark was ignited and now fire meets gasoline. You are ready to trail blaze to the highest peak of success in your career. It’s time to learn, grow, and create in your field and we’re here to send you off.

How To Petition To Graduate?

It may seem tricky petition to graduate, but it’s fairly easy. The first step is to see Academics. Check in at the front desk and they will guide you to the dean, Jessica. She will provide you with your grad petition and start your process! Step two, visit all of the departments. Stop by Career Services, Financial Aid, and Admissions for signatures on your petition. These departments will be making sure that you have met all of your requirements to walk on stage. Once all departments have signed off on your petition, re-visit academics for your final signature! If you are in need of a massage table or any other supplies you will be guided to collect them.

Graduation Ceremony

After you have been approved by all departments and collected any additional items, you will receive your certificate of completion. That gold sticker and signature from the dean will be the tangible proof that you put in the sweat to gain a new skill set to your benefit. Off to the field of Health & Wellness you go! But first, graduation! Information about graduation will be provided at the end of your grad petitioning process and you can RSVP and pick up your cap and gown on another day.