Why Is a Career Fair Important: The Winter Career Fair Success

Why Is a Career Fair Important

On February 20th, from 10am to 1pm our Career Services department hosted a Career Fair in the SOCHi gym. For three hours, students and teachers from every program scattered into the gym and networked with esteemed hiring representatives from leading Health & Wellness companies looking to build their teams. Many of the exhibitors remarked about the "amazing energy in the room!” and sure was a an event you don’t want to miss in the future.

A Career Fair seems like an extracurricular activity that is not necessary to attend, but if you want to get the most out of your education it is important to stop by. Why is it good to go to career fairs? Well, the reason students go to school to receive career training is to receive a career, and career fair are a bit like the hands on portion of your job search. At our last Career Fair, we had only 11 employers visiting and took down 85 names/emails of our students in order to schedule our grads for interviews. Networking is a crucial factor in all facets of your career, and a career fair is the perfect way to get practice with no pressure involved. It is always good to get the chance to question employers that peak your interest, that way you get to anticipate future goals and attributes similar employers will be looking for.

Students Looking For Jobs

Aside from students, it is just as important for employers to attend career fairs to fill their talent acquisition. Employers are constantly looking for qualified professionals in the niche they are representing, what better place to look than a training center. At SOCHi, we provide our students with the tools and resources to grow and be the best they can be in their field of Health & Wellness, whether it be Massage, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Billing, Coding, and even Fitness. Therefore, employers should be looking in spaces like Southern California Health Institute for the cream of the crop to optimize efficiency in their business and also provide our students with room to excel in their career. It truly is a win win situation for employers and students to get together and exchange knowledge and ideas, and the employers that have realized this seem to have positive work environments and accumulating amounts of growth. Passion can take both students and employers a long way.

The Career Fair that just happened in February was a success! As we stated above, out of the 11 employers that attended, 85 of our students exchanged emails and names and were in the process of scheduling interviews for their companies. The ratio of employers to potential hires was tremendous and got our Career Services department excited to give our graduates wonderful opportunities to succeed in their fields. The graduates who showed up “dressed to empress” with advice from their advisors stuck out from the crowd got interview dates right on the spot. The excitement from the employers finding qualified candidates was just as pleasing to see graduates finally reaching the final stages of their dream career.

Now, as great as the Winter Career Fair was, there is always room for improvement. Since this Winter Career Fair was planned on such notice, we will be planning out Spring Career Fair in advance in order to ensure that we have more employers in attendance. Another benefit of planning earlier, is to give us a bit more time to replace an employer if they have to back out of attendance due to various reasons. This way, we can ensure that we are supplying all of our students with the important networking resources they deserve to land themselves a job and start making a stable income. Details about the upcoming Career Fair will be released as soon as possible.

Career Fairs Near

For more information on future Career Fairs and what types of employers will be in attendance please call Southern California Health Institute at (818) 980-8990 and ask to speak to the Career Services department. Your Career Services representative will be ready to help you with any of your needs whether it be questions about career fairs, employment, interviews, resume assistance, and much more. Our goal is to assist you with anything you need to achieve the wellness and health career you need upon graduating.