SOCHi Free Transportation Services

Free Transportation Services

Did you know that Southern California Health Institute provides a free shuttle service that offers complimentary transportation for our students? The shuttle is beneficial to our students for many reasons and you can soon enjoy those benefits as well!

Firstly, due to high enrollments and a mix of Los Angeles’ infamous parking situation at our North Hollywood campus, the parking lot for students is located a bit of a distance away. Therefore, our complinterary comes to the rescue and transports our students to our wonderful North Hollywood campus down the way. Although walking can be fun, there’s nothing more fun than a good car ride with your friends.

Getting Around in LA Traffic Now, school is very important but sometimes traveling can be a hassle. The admissions advisors at SOCHi can be sure to help you with all your travel necessities. If you don’t have reliable transportation, we can assist you with figuring out how you can arrive via public transport. We can even set you up with a metrocard so you can make sure you never miss the train here. The SOCHi shuttle can pick up our students once they arrive at the designated pick up spot and take them to campus.

The SOCHi community is expanding its work and opening up satellite branches in many neighborhoods near you. When it comes to enrolling at SOCHi, all of our paperwork has to be done at a specific location. Therefore, our complimentary shuttle will be available for you to travel from our main branch to our satellite locations.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

This complimentary shuttle is just one of the many amenities we want to provide our students to help them understand that we’re here to help. We want to limit the barriers in front of you that would hinder you from reaching success and achieving your dream career.