Tips To Manage Stress From Home

Tips To Manage Stress From Home

It is important to manage your stress so that you can continue to survive in a healthy manner. Stress can seem impossible to manage with all the changes happening around us; such as learning remotely, world news, miscellaneous current events, and any other stressors. That is absolutely not the case. There are many ways you can manage the stress that is attached to the new way of leaving that has been thrusted upon you. Our number one tip would usually be to get a massage, but that is not plausible at the moment.

Try Not To Read The News So Much

It’s highly understandable that people are scared, but spending every other minute checking the news for the next big catastrophe can take a toll on your mental health. The news rarely reports good news during a global pandemic, so if your home has a news channel on it will start to feel like the sky is falling after a while. Take a break. Turn off the news and only check in periodically for updates. Remember, do not assume that everything is true. Only get your news from reliable sources and do not get frantic over chain messages, social media posts, and whatsapp rumors. Check the news periodically and use your critical thinking skills to access what information is true (it’s better to trust reliable sources such as the CDC and World Health Organization).

Take Breaks

Just like you are taking breaks from the current news cycle, it’s important to take breaks from your daily duties. There is nothing wrong with unwinding a little bit...or even a lot. This is about surviving not about raising the bar to your productivity levels. Do something you enjoy for a bit even if it is mindless. A card game, video games, baking, cooking, watching a movie, planning for the future, and so on and so forth. The list is endless. Just be sure to treat yourself and not drown in a massive to-do list. It’s okay to sit and exist without working.

Keep In Touch

Just because we are physically distancing, it does not mean that you can not communicate with others. Don’t lose touch with friends and family just because you are indoors. Plan a date or a hang out session with friends to catch up. If it’s too overwhelming to discuss current events, set a time limit on that and be sure to just have fun. If you need someone to confide in you should not trap yourself in four walls when technology is in our hands. If you need something more than just a digital hang out with friends - telehealth is available. Therapists are communicating with their clients either over the phone or via video chat and you get the same results without having to go in. Stay in touch with others and do not isolate mentally, just physically.

Stay Healthy

Please take care of your body. A global pandemic does not mean that this is a retreat where you need to get massively fit and meal prep, but be careful. Make sure you are getting enough water and eating enough nutrients and not just sticking to snacks and soda. If your body is not feeling good that can lead to your mind not feeling well. Take care of yourself and move around if you can. If you are going to exercise outdoors briefly, be sure to wear a mask.