Tips To Be a Good Student at Home

Tips To Be a Good Student at Home

Many schools have moved their teaching to an online platform now. For some this can be exciting, but for others it can be just a hassle in the long run. Homes aren’t necessarily always the best place to be when you are trying to focus especially if you have roommates, children, and partners to tend to. Desperate times call for desperate measures and here is a list of tips to look out for when trying to be a good student at home.

Try to Create a Routine

Staying indoors all the time can start to feel like a blur. Be sure to create a routine for yourself to stay sane and not lose a sense of productivity. Although productivity may not be the most important thing right now, it can also be defined as anything that is keeping you healthy. This includes your mental health. Set a time to wake up every day and make sure you are not staying up too late so you can get the appropriate amount of sleep.

Set aside different time slots between work time and rest time so you don’t flicker in and out of the two modes. If you are not focused completely on one at a time, it will cause a damper on the other. For instance, if you are not focused on your work because you are doing other things, you will not reach your work goals. If while you are supposed to be resting, you are doing work tasks, you will in the end not feel rested which is crucial during this time. Make sure you are treating these days like any other day, but indoors.

Set Up a Workstation

An easy way to allocate time for working and resting separately is to geographically place them. What does this mean? Set up a workstation that is solely based for work and work only. Once you are there, tune out all other distractions and close all tabs that can make you lose a sense of productivity. A workstation does not have to be a big fancy expensive desk, it can just be your dining room table. Not all of these things are accessible in all homes, so if it is your bed - be sure to do your relaxing elsewhere.

Studying Can Be Fun

Studying does not have to be sitting down and reading in a book. It can be fun! Get creative with flashcards or even online games. There are tons of apps and websites that can help you study or even make flashcards. You like studying and groups but need to maintain social distancing? Start a video chat with some friends from your class and see if you can study together. Whatever is easiest for you in these times. Make sure to spice it up if you can, it can make the knowledge more memorable.

Take Breaks

One of the most important tips from all of this is to be easy on yourself. Don’t be scared to take breaks and comfort yourself if your brain is not absorbing information like it usually does. Take a walk, have a snack, gossip with a friend, anything that can help you relax.

The times are hard, but school doesn’t have to be. It can be something you can lean into to pass the time and gain more knowledge.