The Road To Vaccination?

The Road To Vaccination

As you all may know, the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is fully underway in the state of California. At SOCHi, we believe it is important to get vaccinated to keep our communities safe and get back to a more hands-on approach to life. Like many of our programs, the world is lovelier when we get the chance to be more immersed in the experience. With the Covid-19 vaccine, we can get the opportunity to be around others we love and get back into a classroom experience that can be more beneficial to your career.

The main important role of the Covid-19 Vaccine is to stop you from getting the illness that lives in the particles of the germs we spread. The efficacy of each vaccine being released in the US at the moment are all proven to be successful and safe. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and the Moderna vaccine have all been through many trials to be released into the public. As our medical assistants may know, the medical world takes a lot of interest in ensuring their patients are under the utmost care and evaluation and the same applies to vaccine distributors. Although the efficacy rate of each vaccine is very high, there is still a slight chance that you may get the current coronavirus, but the good news is that the vaccine will limit you from getting sick or even deathly ill. The good news continues when you find out that vaccines not only limit you from getting sick or deathly ill, but also the people around you including your teachers, classmates, friends, and family members. Take a moment to think about the people in your life and the people you used to encounter and think about how getting the vaccine may help them be healthy.

Getting Back To Normal

The great part about getting vaccinated is that it will soon be easier to do the things you used to do. Remember hanging out with friends and being able to see their lips when they move? Remember dining indoors? Remember opening gifts on Christmas or Hanukkah? All of the amazing moments of life we took for granted will soon be accessible once again. In regards to the Southern California Health Institute, we will soon be able to remove our masks in the classroom setting as well and get back to our regular hands-on curriculum.

Although vaccines are known to limit the transmission and mortality rates of covid-19, scientists are still trying to learn more about that process through clinical trials and data analysis. As these trials continue, it’s important that we continue to be cautious until we reach herd immunity as a community and as a school. Continue to wear a mask when you are around others and continue social distancing when possible. Especially since SOCHi involves the use of our hands so much, we recommend washing your hands periodically. Remember if you are getting your shot to get vaccinated that it will not be fully effective until two weeks after your second shot.

Aside from social distancing and washing your hands, getting vaccinated is the safest and quickest way to get back to our regular classroom procedures. Although online learning is beneficial to many, there are also many benefits to in person training to lead you to a bountiful career. The current coronavirus spreading during the pandemic can have some serious side effects that vary from person to person. Whether you’ve gotten really sick or fared well to colds or flus in the past, there is no way to anticipate what this disease will do to your body. To continue this conversation, there is also no way you can predict what it will do to the people around you. Even if you think you will be fine because you are in your 20s (which you can’t) it still may affect older people around you worse or people your age who get the shorter end of the stick if they get sick. If there are any worries about the safety of vaccines it will be a relief to know that every single vaccine distributed by the United States has to be approved by the FDA once they are confirmed to provide limited effects and discrepancies in testing. Vaccines have been around in America for a long time now and the Covid-19 vaccines have gone through the same processes as others of their kind. Natural herd immunity can be provided when the majority of people are vaccinated and we’ve reached that specific threshold. After many trials, once vaccinated, it is extremely rare to catch Covid-19 and if it does happen in a rare instance it will limit the side effects.

When is The Pandemic Over?

Getting vaccinated is crucial to put an end to this pandemic. Social distancing and masks were great at limiting the devastation of the pandemic, but a specific type of requirement to put an end to it, full stop. Society relearning the importance of washing our hands is lovely, but contents of the vaccine live in your body and help fight covid-19 if it were to enter your bloodstream. So far, it seems as though being an asymptomatic carrier (someone who caught the coronavirus and can spread it but shows no visible signs of it) is rare once vaccinated so that’s great news to stop the silent death known as asymptomatic spread.

Moving Forward

As we continue to move forward in these trying times, as a school we will continuously be following CDC guidelines and updating you with full transparency. It is our goal to be the best institution we can and play our part in putting an end to this awful disease. If you need assistance getting vaccinated please reach out to our front desk or reference the CDC website to find your nearest vaccination site. Vaccines are currently open for everyone and there is no need to wait for your demographics turn.