Southern California Health Institute Summer Career Fair

summer career fair

Southern California Health Institute presents the Summer Career Fair! At the Summer Career Fair students, graduates, and prospective students can all come take advantage of this opportunity that will get you one step closer to your dream career. The Summer Career Fair will be consisting of employers setting up booths and looking for prospective employees working in their field. Employers love to come to SOCHi’s career fair because they are sure that the students are going to be trained and ready for the professional world. Although it is evident that SOCHi is the perfect training ground for the professional world, there are still a few steps needed to stand out from the crowd and get matched with the perfect employer.

Don’t forget that resume

First things first, a resume should be written up and brought along to the event. A resume is a brief summary of one’s work history and skills and is always necessary when applying for jobs or speaking to prospective employers. Perfecting a resume can be hard, let alone even knowing where to start, but with the help of our Career and Resource Center you can craft yours to best suit your career needs. To get assistance with your resume, you can look up when we will be having resume workshops or you can just contact the career center to see when you can schedule an appointment and they will be sure to get you the help that you need. It is said that employers take only about a few seconds to notice your resume so since you will be there to speak on your resume onsite, it is crucial to make it look presentable for the possible make-it or break-it moments.

Brush up on your skills

Speaking of make-it or break-it moments, another crucial tip to preparing for this event is to brush up on your interviewing skills. The event may seem casual, but it should be known that the goal of the event is for employers to find staff members worthy of their brand; therefore they will be on the lookout for signs of professionalism. To stand out from the crowd, one should exhibit the proper interview skills in order to present themselves in a manner that would entice an employer to schedule a follow up interview. Once again, resources for brushing up on interview skills can be found in the career center. Mastering the ins and outs of interviewing may seem daunting, but with the help of the Career Center and the easy-going environment of the fair, your encounters and mini-interviews will be a slice of cake!

Dress to impress

In preparation for this fair so far, we have written proof of skills with our resumes and technical proof of our skills with our interviewing technique. The only thing left to prepare for is your aesthetic! It is a staple to not only be professional, but to look professional. Avoid any clothing that does not border along the lines of someone who is trying to grab a hold of their career. Sweats, jeans, and flip flops are to be avoided. Your aesthetic can gain you more points when employers are deciding which students they would like to schedule a follow up interview with.

“Professional” attire varies from program to program, but just be sure to keep in mind that what you look like will be the first thing prospective employers will see.

See you there!

Just be ready to show how much you have learned so far at SOCHi and the rest will be a breeze. We are confident in our students and root for their exponential growth. We are looking forward to seeing you all take advantage of this wonderful opportunity in order to flourish in your career.