Student Spotlights: May 2022

Iliana Alpirez
Iliana Alpirez

We’d like to dedicate a student spotlight slot to a very successful student of ours named Iliana Alpirez! Born and raised until the age of 15 in Guatemala; she is 42 years young, a mother of four, a happy wife, and a prideful alumnus!

“Let me tell you a little about how I decided to join SOCHI. In July 2020 I had COVID and it lasted me 2 months. All that time the need to help others grew bigger in me , I always knew I wanted to help and care for other people. So watching all those nurses and doctors putting their lives at risk made me realize I needed to help too but I thought ‘what can a 40 year old woman with only a GED diploma do?’”

Oh. I think we may have an idea here at SOCHi.

“I started looking. I thought I could be a CNA and started looking into different schools and I called SOCHI. In the first call I had with the career adviser she educated me on the Medical Assistant career. I knew right there and then that, that was exactly what I wanted to do. So I enrolled for the M.A program in October of 2020.”

Iliana is currently working at a Center for Senior Care in Tarzana, California. It has been her job since she first graduated in July 2021, just 9 months after enrolling.

“I love what I do. I get to help the elederly and their families everyday! I am a very important part of their care and it’s a pleasure learning a lot from the doctors and my coworkers.”

We take pleasure in learning from you, Iliana!

“SOCHi, for me, was a great program that prepared me with the tools to be a successful, efficient, and professional Medical Assistant. I would like to share with you that I feel blessed and thankful that I got to have Norma Torres as my instructor and now mentor. She motivated me and made me love my decision to join the medical field even more!”

Iliana was still enrolled in her externship when they offered her a position, but with knowledge from SOCHi she realized she can make more money. She looked into hiring websites and right away had several offers. That is what landed her in her current job of 8 months.

Good on you for knowing your worth!

“Career services helped me discover several options in the job market. Even today I still get available job opportunities that I would gladly take if I wasn’t happy with my current job. It’s nice to know I have that security.”

Iliana says she looks forward to keep learning and growing as a professional and to always be of service to her community.

“SOCHi was the best option for me and I am very thankful for their support through this new chapter in my life that I didn’t know was possible. This school taught me that it is never too late to start a career. I encourage younger generations to start now and by the time they are my age they could even be doctors.”

It’s not too late for anyone to be a doctor!

She goes on to say, “Time does not stop. We humans get stuck! Keep moving forward.”

Amazing words from an amazing student. With knowledge like that, there wasn’t a shred of doubt that you would be as successful as you are today. Congratulations on your success Iliana. To all of your future endeavors, we hope you soar!

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