Student Spotlights: March 2022

Alexa Bartol
Alexa Bartol

This month's student spotlight is Alexa Bartol. She is 34 years old and from the West Hollywood area. She was enrolled in the Medical Assistant program at SOCHi where she gained all the skills she needed to dive into her career. From clerical lessons that taught her how to screen phone calls and get organized to clinical lessons to learning how to operate an EKG machine and drawing blood she got through her 9 months of training and accomplished a great feat.

After graduating the program after 9 months, she managed to land a job at a dermatology center in Studio City. “I love my job and the dedicated individuals I work with”, she says. “Everyone’s first priority is patient care and satisfaction. It’s a fast paced environment that continues to challenge me and help me grow.”

Wow, talk about landing a nice job. Like most students who graduate from SOCHi, getting a job happened pretty quickly for her. She was hired after her externship at the Dermatology center she was finishing her module at. She was the second student hired from our school and according to Alexa, “the previous hire is still at the practice and is highly regarded”.

“SOCHi prepared me by giving me a solid foundation on what to expect while working in the medical field. Mr.s Torres’ straightforward and thorough approach was exactly what I needed.”, says Alexa.

Alexa’s favorite part about SOCHi was the hands-on lab work because it helped her get comfortable with basic tools in a medical setting.

“I look forward to moving up in my current position and title at my job. I've already been given the opportunity to advance my education in the dermatology world, with my job offering to pay for a certified derm tech program. Which I have since completed.”

We always encourage our students to strive to continuously advance and educate themselves. Whether it be through more training programs or just exploring the world in a different lens, we want you to grow! That’s what SOCHi is all about and Alexa is the perfect example of that.

Deciding to attend Southern California Health Institute was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I'm incredibly happy and fulfilled in my new career! Thank you SOCHi.

Thank you, Alexa, and congratulations on your success as a medical assistant.

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