Student Spotlights: April 2022

Diego Caceres
Diego Caceres

This month's Student Spotlight segment is dedicated to Diego Caceres! It’s been a pleasure having him at SOCHi and we are excited for his bright future. Here are a few words from our bright pupil:

My name is Diego Caceres, I'm currently 27 years old, and was enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding program at SOCHI. I also love to rock climb, hike, and go to the beach.

Right after graduating from SOCHI, I quickly got hired at a medical billing company called Doctor's Business Network. I worked there for little under a year before accepting a position in the SoCal Gas Company which was a big career changing move.

Regardless of my switch in fields, while working at the medical billing company, I definitely felt like SOCHI gave me the required tools to succeed in the field.

My favorite part of SOCHI was the network of individuals I was connected to. There was a feeling of comradery that grew stronger as the time went on. Our instructor, Laurie Keck, was the foundation of that family relationship we all got experience. Her attention to detail and genuine care she has for her students is beyond any other instructor I have ever met.

Getting my job was easy. The department at SOCHI that deals with assisting you with job placement is so helpful and on top of everything for you to get your career started.

Although I am no longer in the medical billing and coding field, I am extremely helpful of opportunities I was given at SOCHI.

Attending SOCHI gave me the transition from working part time at restaurants and bars to working full time in an actual field with growth and a future.

SOCHI helped me redefine my life during the pandemic and gave me the confidence to always strive for more.

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