September GPA 4.0 Students

student appreciation with GPA 4.0

Despite adversity, our students continue to prove to us that hard work counts towards a goal.

Below is a list of all of our 4.0 GPA students from every program. Congratulate your peers on their hard work and accomplishment when you see them in the halls or in class. Who knows, maybe one day you can be featured on a list in the SOCHi newsletter.

We will be congratulating role model students on great attendance, grand achievements, and many more exemplary attributes in the future.

  • Alandette, Luis
  • Macias, Sergio
  • Arevalo, Vilma
  • Martin, John Paul
  • Ayalew, Mentwab
  • Murillo Cabrera, Victor
  • Beaudry, Jeanine
  • Nevarez, Alice
  • Cortez, Robert
  • Ortega, Emily
  • Edouard, Skardy
  • Ortega, Lani
  • Espinoza, Cassandra
  • Ortega, Natalie
  • Evans, Allison
  • Paoli, Margarette
  • Figueroa, Roseann
  • Tosetti
  • Flores, Kimberly
  • Ramos, Melissa
  • Garcia Bernal, Erika
  • Rimmer, Karen
  • Gayetty, Therese
  • Rios, Maria
  • Gomaa, Sarah
  • Spano, Amber
  • Hale, Mary
  • Studer, Andre
  • Hall, Ethan
  • Vega, Norma
  • Ibanez, Kimberly
  • Warner, Rhonda
  • Kachikyan, Araxi
  • Williamson, Lynnea
  • Knight, Tiffany
  • Works, David
  • Luna, Magali

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