5 Reasons Why Volunteering In Your Field Can Benefit Your Career

Volunteering Can Benefit Your Career
Volunteering in your field, whether it be Professional Massage Therapy or Personal Fitness Training, can truly benefit your career in the long run. Here are the reasons why:
  • 1.) If you are going to gain anything from going out and volunteering, it may as well be the practice. To advance in your career you need to show progress in your skills, the only way to do that is with practice!
  • 2.) Gaining credibility can be a bit taxing, especially in a competitive field. When you go out and volunteer, potential employers begin to recognize you and remember you for taking that extra step. This can benefit you in the long run when you’re looking for work.
  • 3.) Along with getting your name out in the field, volunteering can possibly land you a job opportunity right on the spot. It is not rare for an employer to request volunteers and simultaneously interview for an open position to optimize efficiency and see you at work.
  • 4.) Not only do you gain skills when you are volunteering, but you can also use your experiences at volunteering events on your resume. Employers love knowing that you take initiative in your field and take the time to advance your craft. Career Services can assist you in perfecting your resume!
  • 5.) Volunteering can give you a glimpse into the professional world. We can learn and practice all we want, but we will not truly know what it feels like to assist an actual client until we go out and do it. When you volunteer, you can get ahead of the game and use your experience to help you advance your skills in your learning environment.

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