Perfect Attendance Announcement

Perfect Attendance Announcement

Here at SOCHi, we love it when our students are present and taking charge of their lives. When we get the opportunity to assist our student body in enriching their lives, we begin to grow as a community built on pure camaraderie.

It's proven that students with better attendance end up with paralleled grades. This shows that showing up to school more often directly correlates with an increase in grade point average. All of our students work hard to ensure that they are jumping right over any obstacles that hinder them from showing up to school on time. In fact, the group of students listed below have seemingly put in a bit of extra work since they are at 100% attendance! Be sure to congratulate them in the halls in passing.

We are not just a school, we are a community. We learn from each other and pass on knowledge that spreads far past the San Fernando Valley. Your presence is vital to our success and we appreciate you.

  • Beaufry, Jeanin
  • Brooks-Awe, Teresia
  • Cucci, Jade
  • Flores, Elizabeth
  • Flores, Wendy
  • Gayetty, Therese
  • Gonzalez, Oscar
  • Hale, Mary
  • Hosseini, Maryam
  • Ibanez, Kimberly
  • Johnson, Alexis
  • Johnston, Douglas
  • Kumar, Rowena
  • Mostajabi, Monireh
  • Pomvilie, Ryan
  • Ramos, Jazmin
  • Santana, Monikke
  • Sheckleford-Lister, Clair
  • Soldevilla, Steep
  • Spano, Amber
  • Garcia Bernal, Erika

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