Los Angeles Teachers on Strike

Los Angeles Teachers on Strike

The United Teachers Los Angeles union has been on a strike against current working conditions caused by funding cuts to the education department. Millions of teachers have left their classrooms to adorn themselves in red and protest in the streets. Currently, 2,000 substitutes on reserve and many school staff have been left to tend to the students without teachers.

Why Did The Teacher Strike Begin?

The demands of UTLA are not just limited to increasing teacher salaries, indeed, the go much further than that. After funding cuts to LAUSD over the years, class sizes have increased and staff sizes have decreased. It is not odd to hear of one math teacher managing 40 students in a classroom of 30 seats (which is already too crowded) or a school with a school nurse only scheduled to come in twice a week. There is a lack of school counseling, arts, and supplies while standardized tests and charter school populations are on the rise. The main complaint is that school is becoming more of a monotonous scheme and every day staff and mostly students are reaping the consequences.

What About The Kids?

Although many parents stand with UTLA, there are rebuttals to the strike. The main source of resistance comes from parents who believe that it is selfish of the teachers to leave their kids without proper care and curriculum to strike in the streets. Meanwhile, teachers are on the streets not getting paid in order to ensure that their children get the proper education in the future. It is said by UTLA that this was a last resort and striking is never their first choice. It is cited that there were months of deliberation and debate with LAUSD where their needs were not met. The strikes main goals will benefit all who will become our future leaders and business owners: the kids.

SOCHi Stands with UTLA

Southern California Health Institute knows first hand that it is important to take care of it’s teachers and staff. We strive to ensure that all of our students are getting the best learning experience they can possible have. Through encouraging a hands-on training ground and career-centric curriculum, we hope to harbor a community that is proud of what it has created. To superintendent Beutner and LAUSD, we hope you see the courageousness, endless effort, and strength of the teachers in our community like we do. SOCHi stands with UTLA and the thousands of teachers striking in the streets.

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