A Thank You Letter To Our Amazing Partners at The LA Massage Factory

la massage factory

Did you know that the Southern California Institute of Health is in partner with many companies that assist our students in finding the right job for their career?

LA Massage Factory is one of those companies! In their effort and dedication to providing high quality services, LA Massage Factory exclusively selects and hires their massage therapists from SOCHI.

The LA Massage Factory is one of the largest off-site massage companies in Los Angeles, providing hundreds of massages on a monthly basis. Serge Nicolas, the CEO & Founder of LA Massage Factory states, “In my quest to bring harmony and balance into people’s lives, I have created LA Massage Factory to enable a greater number of people to benefit from high quality massages delivered by certified massage therapists at affordable rates in either the privacy of their homes or hotels, their places of business or at their private or business events”.

LA Massage Factory is different from other spas because therapists actually get to keep 2/3 of all the proceeds they make. That way, you can create a primary or even a secondary income that would suit an inspired and dedicated professional massage therapist such as our students in the Massage Therapy program. Nicolas goes on to say, “Our therapists know they are being compensated as they should for their talents and effort…they are the backbone of the company, and essential elements who are treated as such”. Let’s take a moment to thank our wonderful partners who are changing the world, one massage at a time!