International Women’s Month 2020

Women’s Month 2020

"International Women's Month is upon us. From March 1st to March 31st we will be celebrating the glorious women that make the world go round. All of our Health & Wellness are made up of all genders, but we would like to highlight the women that help make our school what it is. If women were not in the field of Health & Wellness, things would be drastically different.

Imagine going to a gym and seeing no women teaching anyone how to properly execute a deadlift.

Imagine only feeling comfortable with a female massage therapist for religious purposes and only having men as an option.

Imagine trying to explain endometriosis to a male medical assistant who is down playing your pain.

Imagine trying to find your wife postpartum physical therapy and there are no women available to assist.

Imagine there were no billers and coders working tirelessly to act as a bridge between insurance companies and health care providers.

If women weren't around, things would be different. Take the time to appreciate the women in your life. From SOCHi to women everywhere - we appreciate you!