International Women’s Day: The Women of SOCHi

International Women’s Day

International Women’s day is March 8th and it represents a concept that SOCHi believes in so strongly: a gender-balanced world. What does it mean to have a “gender-balanced world”? The leaders of the International Women’s Day campaign put it so eloquently, “Balance is not a women's issue, it's a business issue.” Having a gender-balanced world means that there is gender equality in all the spaces we occupy and consume. At SOCHi, we strive to make sure that all of our spaces, from our classrooms to our administrative rooms, are gender-balanced.

We wanted to take some time to hear from some of the women of SOCHi and amplify their voices in order to strive for better balance and equality. We asked a few SOCHi women, who is one woman you look up to and how does SOCHi empower you as a woman?

Better Balance

Linda Sweet is one of the lead massage instructors and she very much enjoys sharing her talents with our student body. Here’s what she has to say.

“A powerful woman to me is Linda Honey, home birth midwife. She very strongly believes in the healthy natural functions of the female body. She is so in tune as a woman. She is strong, sensitive, not a pushover, quiet, loud, happy, confident and filled with light. I think maybe what might make me a powerful woman as a teacher is believing that nobody’s better than anybody. I’m a teacher and my students are all equal and I was hired to teach them what they want. I happened to be in the position to be able to do that. I feel that we’re all human beings gathering to celebrate and learn and an in common, with passion. I love all my students and I love sharing the passion of massage with them”

Mecca is one of our lead Career Services advisors and she loves to assist students with the process of attaining their dream career.

“I am inspired by all women but especially women who chase their dreams - whatever those are. I am inspired by women who go after what they want and women who are passionate about what they do. Their paths to success are always different, but the journey is always the same. Women paving ways and creating opportunities for other women - that's what inspires me. I think that's why I'm at SOCHi - I love creating and finding opportunities for others.”

Marla works in admissions and one of her favorite sights to see is the face of perspective students when they find out that Southern California Health Institute is the school on the top of their list.

“One woman I look up to is my mother. She always finds a way to make me feel good or help me elaborate on my thoughts. Intuition is the right word. A mother’s intuitiveness is something I’ve learned to appreciate over the years. It’s been my goal to be just as thoughtful and just as liberated as she is. She’s taught me over the years that my emotions are not my downfall, they are a strength and learning to control them will make me the strongest I can be. I think that’s how my concepts of empowerment spill into SOCHi. Working in admissions, it’s always nice to help others take control of ideas that empower them whether it be training at the gym or helping patients with colds.”

This gender-balanced world we strive for does not just stop here at SOCHi. We would like to inspire you to take it with you into your careers! Here is to every Massage Therapist, Medical Assistant, Medical Biller & Coder, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Physical Therapy Aide being an example of equality in the field of Health & Wellness. Here is is to a better balanced world.

Happy International Women’s Day from Southern California Health Institute.