How We Are Keeping You Safe?

We Are Keeping You Safe

The National Association of Independent Schools states that “According to public health experts, the earliest a vaccine will be available to provide protection from the virus that causes COVID-19 will be sometime in 2021”. The safety of our community, our staff, and most importantly our students is at the top of our list during this time. Trying to be mindful of how we clean and take care of our students - we want to key you in to give you some clarity this time. It can be exhausting wondering what institutions have your back while trying to be safe at home. Just know that SOCHi has your back and here is how.

Education is Remote

As you all may know, all of our education is remote now. This is obviously not news as the majority of the world is doing the same, but we must let you know how proud of you we are. To start off, for all of our staff to quickly switch their hands-on curriculum to an online platform is astounding. With the snap of a finger our teachers first priority was making sure that our students got the same quality education that they were before the lockdown. This takes team work and power and we would like to applaud our staff. Secondly, not only have our teachers stepped up to the plate, but so have the students.

Since the first day of remote education or students have followed the task of the continuing their education in the best possible way. Every single school day our students wait by their laptops and wait to begin their studies. Throughout the day it is hard to forgot that they are not at school due to the other duties they have to tend to at home. SOCHi was a place for students to get away and be in a learning environment in peace. Now our students are challenging that idea by braving through studying whilst trying to focus in a new environment.

Contact With Academic Dean

Although all of our education is remote, we are still in contact with students. Our academic dean is on call along with our schools admissions team to assist students with an issues that come up. From dealing with tech issues to requesting tools to study at home we have students reaching out that need our help and we are happy to be by their side. In these trying times, its important our students know we are with them. Our academic dean has even gone as far to personally deliver books to students homes to increase morale.

Following CDC Guidelines

SOCHi is keeping our campus and students safe by following CDC guidelines of social distancing and cleanliness. We are routinely sanitizing our work stations and distancing learning environments and ready to open per state and municipal laws and recommendations. Although we miss you, what is more important is making sure everyone is safe now and in the future. The main goal is to continue to be an establishment that is setting up eager learners with meaningful careers and stability.