How To Stay Safe This Halloween?

Stay Safe This Halloween

Halloween is coming and it is such a unique holiday this year. On October 31st America will celebrate the spookiest day of the year under the rules of physical distancing. Now, I know we all want to party and get on our ghouliest costumes, but it’s crucial we remain safe. If you are going to partake in any halloween festivities you should remember all of the safety protocols in place to make sure you don’t contract COVID-19. Since Halloween is so unique this year and it may even be filled with digital or long distance celebrations for some, we wanted to supply you with a few various ideas you can partake in while still having a creepy and ooky wooky Halloween.

Zoom Party

The most obvious suggestion this year is to have a Halloween Party on Zoom! Zoom is an online video chatting service that allows you to connect with others from physical distances away. Grab your candy corn and a witch hat and get ready to have fun. Most things at a zoom party can be done at a real party: drinking, eating, laughing, games, etc. Really, anything can happen at a Zoom party that can also happen at an in person party except hugging. Unless you feel comfortable leaning towards your laptop camera like that. To each their own! Anyway, the zoom party is the new normal and for us it is a safe alternative to an in person party.

Play Among Us

Do you like games? Scary movies? Tricking your friend through lies and deceit? Hear us out. Among Us a fun new viral game that everyone is talking about. You can play online and download it on your phone and begin to play this spooky game with your friends. The premise of the game is to discover who in the group of astronauts you are with is an imposter! As you go around doing your tasks, the imposter will go around and off you one by one. As the players lessen, you get to vote off who you think the imposter is. This high stakes game is proven to get you and your friends laughing and accusing each other of the worst from a safe distance. If you get excited for easy and fun games to play, this is the perfect choice for you.

Carve Pumpkins At A Distance

Zoom parties aren’t the only options for a type of party you can have. Do you like pumpkin carving? Feel free to grab a pumpkin and a carving kit and get to chopping up! Meet with a few friends and make sure you all have your masks handy and worn properly. While you all carve pumpkins and tell spooky stories together, you can ensure to have a good time while staying safe. This can be done in a backyard or any outdoor setting where you and some peers can sit a distance apart and begin to work at your pumpkin. This halloween event helps you stay in the spirit while still saying safe. After you are all done you can put lights in your pumpkins and revel in your glorious artwork. Bring out your inner scary sculptor!

Get Together With Some Friends

Carving pumpkins don’t have to be the only thing you do when you get together. If you and some friends can get together in a safe manner while outdoors and distanced you have an option of things to do. First things first, you can play a board game while you’re masked and enjoy your time that way. Don’t like rolling dice and holding cards? No worries, pop out the popcorn and watch a movie. Projectors are easy to find and it is so exciting to watch outdoor movies on a cool halloween night. Drive in movies are all the rage and you and your group of friends can create your own! All you need is some seating, snacks, and a flick.

Trunk or Treat

Are your kids sad they can’t trick or treat this year? As we have been on our occasional walks during this trying time, it’s hard to miss the yard signs that state that trick or treating is not welcome this year. This can be hard for your kids to hear since candy and trick or treating is something they may look forward to all year. As if these trying times aren’t hard enough for us, they’re probably rougher on the kids. Not to worry, you can still find a unique way to let your kids enjoy halloween. Have you heard of trunk or treat? Trunk or treats are when a small organization or self made group gets together in an open lot and parks their cars in a specific formation to let kids trick or treat in a safe environment. Normally, this is done for children to not have to knock on strangers' doors, but now it can be done so they can be safe from COVID in an open environment. Once the cars are parked, the car owners pop their trunks open and kids can walk in an orderly fashion and trick or treat as they please.

Online Costume Competition

Who said kids are the only ones that get to have fun? Dressing up is one of the best parts of halloween and it’s hard to show off your costume when there are no public costume parties. Or is this true? Actually, there are plenty of online costume competitions and sharing parties. It’s easy peasy to get dressed up and post your costume online. Even if you’re not planning to get competitive, it is still exciting to think of a creating costume and set up a photo shoot to show it off. With no party to go to, you can spend all your energy on creating the perfect backdrop and costume for your big reveal. Just because you won’t be on a stage it does not mean you can not bring the stage to you with social media and the internet.