Graduation Is Upon Us!

Graduation Is Upon Us

Graduation is nearing for our dear students who have met all of their requirements. After months of hard work and perseverance, students will get the chance to put a steady foot in the career of their choice and build their way up to success. Almost 200 graduates will walk across the stage in St. Catherine of Siena’s hall to the tune of their pride. The process of graduating should be cherished and celebrated, but it is important to know why we are celebrating? Yes, the apparent reason is that graduating students have completed months of extensive training in a career field of their choice, but there is something else. Graduating from Southern California Health Institute implies that you have garnered stronger pillars of character. Those pillars of character can be examined directly from our requirements for graduation.


To be eligible for graduation, students must meet their requirements before June, 1st, 2018. Those requirements represent how far our students have come and how they are ready for the next milestone in their life. Firstly, students need to ensure that they have filled their quota for attendance by making up any days they have missed. This shows that our students have realized that the first step to working on oneself is showing up and being present. Awareness and presence are critical in the process of career building, and this requirement shows how graduates are have mastered that lesson.


Another requirement that needs to be fulfilled is the successful completion of all classes including externship or clinic. This portion of the requirements shows that our students have gained the right tools in our classes to put them to work on their own successfully. Our SOCHi externships and clinic work facilitate a controlled environment in which our students can present themselves in a professional environment for one of the first times in their field. This comes in handy because employers like to know that graduates have done some time with hands-on work instead of just being knowledgeable on paper.


Along with experience, employers like to know that you are responsible. This is where our third requirement comes in handy, which involves being up to date on all Southern California Health Institute financial responsibilities. Aside from experience one benefits from higher education, another useful skill gained is the ability to complete your more top education experience and pay for it successfully. Having the work ethic and responsibility to get the task done to go forth and dive straight into your education is an accomplishment in itself. It shows people that you made a choice all by yourself to pursue something better yourself. That “something better” is the act of reaching your career goals and creating a financially stable environment for yourself.

These are three new pillars of character that graduates take with onto their new career fields. Next time you see a soon-to-be graduate walking in the halls, be sure to congratulate them for all their hard work and new accomplishments. To our graduates, congratulations and our current students, you are almost there!

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