Fun Things To Do in North Hollywood

Fun Things To Do in North Hollywood

If you hadn’t heard yet, Southern California Health Institute is opening up another location in North Hollywood near the art district. The new school is going to offer the same amazing programs in Medical Assisting, Physical Therapy Aide and Sports Rehab, Personal Fitness Training, Massage Therapy, and Medical Billing and Coding. With both morning and evening sessions you can get the career training you need to land a job with the salary you deserve. Get certified in less than a year and begin your career in the field of Health & Wellness.

Now, getting educated is fun, but you’re probably wondering what to do before and after class. Below are a few fun things to do in Los Angeles near North Hollywood.


The North Hollywood area has a slew of great food joints that you can indulge in your spare time. From fast food joints to pubs and all the way down to fancy restaurants, you can be ready to surprise your taste buds. Want some Lebanese delicacies? Head down to Hyatt’s kitchen in a little shopping center on the corner of Vineland and Burbank and get a taste of Beirut. Want a classic chicago sub? Try out Firehouse subs right in the Arts District. Other notable places are Vic’s Thai, a secret hole in the wall that Noho residents will do anything to keep around and Papillon Bakery, an Armenian owned bakery bringing you the most delicious breakfast pastries.


If you ever feel like you need something to do, you will be in the right place. North Hollywood has tons of theatres and exciting events that can make sure you are entertained. Home to many theatres like Theatre 68 and Acme Comedy Theatre you can always tune into some live performances. Check out an improv show, stand up, or even see a play. The art district and surrounding Noho area is also home to many movie theaters so you can enjoy a quick movie viewing. Who doesn’t love some great movie theatre popcorn?


There is variety in fitness here! If you’re training to be a personal fitness trainer, you’ll be especially excited about the options you have. Located near a fairly popular dance hub, you can find many dance classes and shows in the area. A notable nationwide dance company is Millenium Dance Complex that is not too far on Ventura Blvd. If you don’t feel like traveling too far you can head to Movement Lifestyle, Liv Art Dance Studio, or the Basement of Noho in walking distance. Other fitness events in the area range from local gyms, zumba classes, or even running up and down the streets so you can people watch.