Fun Things To Do At Our North Hollywood Campus

Fun Things At North Hollywood Campus

Our newest Southern California Health Institute Campus is located at 5644 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, California, 91601. Pandemic or not: it is still an amazing location where SOCHi students can have a thriving social life when they are not studying hard to ace their tests. (disclaimer: studying can also be fun too!). Here are a few fun things to do in the North Hollywood area that are still safe during the pandemic!

Visit an Escape Room

As if the thrill of an all nighter before an exam isn’t enough, try your luck at an escape room! Gather up a group of classmates and visit ESC Escape Rooms and try to crack the puzzles. Escape rooms are safe interactive events in which a group of people have to try and get out of a room or maze by solving several clues. Pick a spooky or fun theme and see if you can crack the code! This is great for a group of people who love to solve puzzles and explore the depths of their imagination. Not only are escape rooms an exhilarating challenge, but they’re also a great team building exercise! Congratulate your group after a project or take a few classmates to build morale or even just celebrate a birthday at an escape room.

Universal Studios

Sorry, can’t leave out Universal Studios if you’re in the Hollywood area. It is a staple for faculty and staff at Southern California Health Institute. It’s a bit of a dip into the old checking account but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re getting an annual pass. Plus, you can always make up that money when you get certified and find yourself a stable job. At Universal Studios you can hang out with your favorite movie and TV characters, hop on thrilling rides, see amazing shows, or even walk through a creepy haunted house. A favorite of the staff at universal studios is the relaxing tram ride that takes you from movie sets to wild catastrophe. You may even get to see some grade A celebrities doing what they do best!

Universal City Walk

If theme parks are not your thing and you want to spring for something smaller (or cheaper for that matter) head on over to Universal City Walk. Right outside the park, open to the public is a strip of shops, bars, movie theatres, and delicious restaurants. It’s almost impossible to be bored at City Walk with all the zany shops to walk into. If you’re hungry you can slide into famous bubba gump or good ol’ classic Buca Di Beppo for a heaping bowl of spaghetti. Want something more relaxing? Get some tickets to the AMC right there on the strip. Open till late hours, you can sit in a plush chair and enjoy some buttery popcorn while you get lost in Hollywood’s latest adventures. Get lost on the strip during the day or night and you’ll be sure to find yourself having a wonderful time.

Head to The Arts District

The NoHo Arts District is a flourishing area in which our school is located and by just walking down the way you can find plenty of restaurants and bars to spend your time in. If you’re hungry and craving something delicious you can grab some ramen at Tamashii or some hot fried chicken at Dave’s Hot Chicken. Those are truly just two of your many options that will leave you with a full belly and big smile. If you’re looking for more than food, you can relax with friends at El Tejano or catch a movie at the local independent theatre. Along with food and entertainment, noho arts district is home to many dancers and yogies so you can expect to find yourself in a freeing yoga class or a funky hip hop beginners dance class.

North Hollywood Recreation Center

The North Hollywood Recreation Center is a large park where you can enjoy a day in the sun. Grab a few classmates and have a picnic or study sesh under the sun! The park is home to many locals who play sports, let their dogs run free, or even just to meet up with a group of friends. Don’t be surprised if you find a group of our Personal Fitness Trainers there getting in some extra work after class. The large field of grass is a blank slate that you can use however you’d like in your free time. Go for a run, draw on your own, catch up with a friend or even brush up before an exam. For all of our skaters, although you can’t skate up and down our halls, you can head over to the North Hollywood Recreation Centers very own skate park. Please wear a helmet because we need you in class the next day safe and sound.

Comedy Club

Look for a laugh? North Hollywood is home to many popular comedy clubs. In the NoHo Arts District you can find a comedy club you like and sign up for tickets to check out a famous comedian with a few friends. Everyone needs a laugh every now and then!


Shopping isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, shopping is life! North Hollywood Arts District is home to many whacky shops where you can find antiques, trendy outfits, or even vintage gold. If you’re someone who loves a steal, head down to Kathy’s E Boutique or Los Angeles’ famous Iguana Vintage Clothing. Even if you’re more of a window shopper, you won’t regret visiting these trendy stores and seeing some new pieces. Who knows, maybe you can share a great statement piece with one of your classmates when you’re done!