Finish Your High School Diploma in Four Weeks

Parkridge Diploma Program

We understand that sometimes, our lives don’t necessarily take us down the path that we expected. Did you know that the Southern California Health Institute has a program that assists you in achieving your Highschool diploma? For whatever reason, if you didn’t finish your Highschool education and receive a diploma, SOCHi will help you receive that before attending one of our 5 programs.

With assistance from our admissions advisors and our partners at Parkridge Private School, you will be able to enroll in their online program to receive your diploma. These online sessions and classes will guide you to the right path to success.

The Parkridge program can also be done at your own pace whether it be accelerated or a little elongated so you can absorb the material on your own terms. Computers are available in SOCHi’s resource center for students to use and fulfill the program sessions. A customized schedule will be created after sitting with a counselor which will help each student manage their time around work, family life, and any activities that may limit their time allotted to finish their Highschool education with Parkridge.

It may be daunting to think about not only paying to go through one of SOCHi’s programs as well as paying to receive your Highschool education, but do not worry. We got it covered! The Southern California Health Institute will cover your expenses with the Parkridge Private School post enrollment into one of our programs. All you have to do is come to SOCHi and enroll! We got the rest covered.

Our staff and counselors will work with you and guide you through the steps into completing your Highschool education in order to start your program here at SOCHi. Our goal is to start you off with encouragement so we can send you off into the world with bravery. SOCHi is on your side!