Sochi is Relocating to North Hollywood

Sochi is Relocating

Southern California Health Institute is finding a new home in North Hollywood, California. Say farewell to the large roads in Reseda, and hello to the beautiful arts district of North Hollywood. If you need to meet with administrators after August 1, please see us at the North Hollywood Campus. 5644 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601. You can still reach us by phone at 818-980-8990. Below are a few perks of having your new campus in NoHo (that’s short for North Hollywood for anyone getting the hang of being an Angeleno).

Great Food Near Campus

One great thing about Southern California Health Institutes new location is how it is surrounded by wonderful eateries. In the area there are local mom and pop restaurants where you can enjoy the diverse delicacies of the area. From the Middle Eastern and North African Region all the way to South American restaurants, you can let our taste buds revel in a new flavor blast every day. Just across the way is a plaza with an Armenian bakery called “SIS Bakery”. There you can pop in for some fresh armenian pastries like lamajoune and borek to start off your morning with warm comfort food. By the time night falls, if you’re still on campus and want to continue your mediterranian flavor venture, you can head over to Hayat’s Kitchen with some classmates and enjoy some hot shawarma or shish tawouk in a traditional Lebanese restaurant. Craving some good ol’ American grub instead? Fat burger is down the way.

These are just two of the many restaurants nearby that are small business, but if you’re looking for some healthy food, being that we are a health and wellness based campus, you can find some great healthy eats all around. Healthyca and Veggietize me are great stops to get your green fix! Those two options are just staff favorites, but you can venture out on your own and see what healthy options you can find for yourself with a simple google search.

The great part about our location doesn’t just give you the liberty of enjoying the small businesses offering you traditional meals, but you can also head down to the Arts District and get into the chains you love. Great classics like Panda Express and Pitfire can give you interesting dining experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to study in a walks distance.

The Arts District in North Hollywood

The Arts District in North Hollywood is an up and coming spot for people of all ages to hang out and feel alive. The strip offers the community opportunities to exercise, sight see, get together, dine, and even party! We want to be real with our students and let them know that life isn’t always work, especially if there is play! We encourage you to head down to the Arts District and let it make you feel like you have a place to fall back on when you want to get your head out of your book for a second. Whether you’re heading there on a break or even getting with some friends after class, you can be sure to have a good time.

If you’re looking to get together at a bar to study or even de-stress you have The Federal which also offers you great food selections. It’s also known that on certain days of the week they have special events like trivia nights that you can check out on their website and try out to have some fun. Fun trivia nights include topics like The Office trivia and Pop Culture trivia. If you and your friends can knock out a kinesiology 101 pop quiz, why not a Celebrity Divas test?

Other events in the arts district are not strictly related to trivia nights, bars, and restaurants, but you can also enjoy some entertainment. At the heart of the arts district are multiple entertainment venues where you can enjoy a laugh or cry with some classmates. After class you can head down to Laemmle movie theaters and check out a new feature or stroll to a comedy theatre and see a hilarious improv show.

Working Out Near You

Many of our students like to indulge in physical exercise and our new location can provide a lot for members of that clique. If you want to work out, you can obviously get together with a few of our Personal Fitness Trainers and see how they can assist, but why not venture out on your own as well. Near our school you can find a 24 hour fitness that has all the gym amenities you need. In the past, many of our students have enrolled and enjoyed a work out before, after, or in between breaks. After your workout you can get the energy fix you needed and maybe get a massage from one of our therapists.

Aside from traditional working out, there are many other avenues of exercise in the heart of the arts district. A popular way of exercise as well as self expression is dance. The North Hollywood Arts district is home to many famous and up and coming dancers and dance studios. Don’t stress if you’re new to the groove, there are tons of beginner dance classes that can get your blood going and let you get your toes into the dance community. Why not have fun while working out? You can find classes from hip hop, ga ga expression, and even ballet. If you just want to get some quick movement into fun music, you can even try out a basic or advanced zumba class!

Our New Location

We are so elated to share this new space with all of our students and also venture out into these new adventures. If there are any questions you have please do not hesitate to reach out to any members of administration or your teachers. Also, let us know if there are any cool spots you would recommend to us! We love new experiences just as much as you do.

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