Dear A-Technical College Students, SOCHi Is Here to Help

A-Technical College Students

A-Technical College has closed down due to unforeseen circumstances. The Career College, also known as ATC, will have to close its doors and cease to provide students with the resources to obtain gainful employment and opportunity. What does that mean for it’s students who are almost done? It may be frustrating and daunting, but don’t worry. SOCHi has your back! We are here to ensure you can successfully finish your education. Just like ACT, SOCHi is also tasked with providing quality education and training to hopeful students looking for bountiful careers.

Get Certified and Employed

We know this could be a hard time for you. It is always challenging when you plan for a journey and you run into obstacles. Not to worry, we want to let you know that Southern California Health Institute will help you with these detours. We will be accepting transfer credits and will assist every student on a case to case basis. The route may be different, but we assure you that we understand that the destination is to get certified and employed as soon as possible while optimizing your skillset.

Financial Aid and Loan Forgiveness

You’ve probably already taken out a loan and have your own financial situation you are focusing on, but our Financial Aid Department will consult you on your best decision. The goal is to minimize your financial debt whilst continuing your education. Not only will we give you all the options to get back on your feet, but we even offer loan forgiveness assistance.

Finding a Job Fast

In terms of getting yourself the job you planned for, our Career Services Department is partnered with many health & wellness establishments ready to take on our graduates. These include medical offices, hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, chiropractors, urgent cares, gyms, spas, cruise ships, hotels, and many other places that are excited to see what you can do for them.

Programs we offer include:

You can head to the overview pages for each of our programs and see what catches your attention the most. Our admissions officers can also assist you and finding the best fit for you if you are unsure. All of our programs are designed to help you reach your full potential in that desired field. Also, not to forget, each of our programs are specifically chosen due to the rising employment rates and open positions in those fields. That way, we can ensure that you are climbing your career leader at a speedy rate as soon as you graduate.

Call Us Now!

Between both of our locations in North Hollywood and Reseda, you can find the career training that suits you best! Call us at (818) 980-8990 so we can get you the solution you need to finish your education. SOCHi is here to help!