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Our hybrid online Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab program will prepare you for an exciting career in the rehabilitation field in less than a year.

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Start Building Your Future Career As a Physical Therapy Aide

Get the skills and practical training you need to work alongside a Physical Therapist with our Physical Therapy Aide program.

SOCHi PTA Program

Our Physical Therapy Aide program is designed around the fact that physical therapy involves helping others regain their strength and function as they recover from injuries or other painful conditions is a growing and rewarding occupation.

Using exercise, evidence based interventions, and hands on manual therapy, you can assist patients in their journey to more optimum movement and daily activity.

As a PT aide, you will work as a support to the Physical Therapist or Rehabilitation Physician who will directly oversee and guide you in assisting with patient duties as well as overall office procedures.

Why Physical Therapy Aide?

In just a year, you can be ready to start your career in Physical Therapy and be ready to springboard into higher positions such as a Physical Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist and make an ever higher salary.

By the end of your program at SOCHi you will have built enough confidence and compassion to take on the Physical Therapy Industry by storm and help patients in the facilities you work in. With Physical Therapy Aide training you’ll be able to grant both the patient and yourself with peace of mind and gratitude.

On one end, the patient is being relieved and working through a process of healing from physical trauma and injury meanwhile the Physical Therapy Aide is filled with gratitude for being able to assist a patient.

Physical Therapy Aide Training Program Overview

Physical Therapy Aide Program

Southern California Health Institute is here to promote these meaningful interactions and send you off into a rewarding career both financially and morally.

Massage Cert Training Included!

SOCHi’s PTAide/Sports Rehab program will also train you to become a certified massage therapist.

In order to delve into the world of physical therapy, you have to have the skills of a massage therapist.

After your 9 months of training is up you can have a dual certificate that can allow you to get physical therapy aide positions as well as solely massage therapy positions. This means more opportunity, more money, and more skills!

Why SOCHI’s PTAide School?

Online Schooling

With our hybrid program you can learn with a mobile friendly curriculum from the comfort of your home.

Gaining a Massage Certificate

Graduate with two career options under your belt!

Financial Aid For Those Who Qualify

Get help from our financial aid department to fund your education every step of the way from grants, scholarships and even payment plans!

Exciting Curriculum

Learn everything from anatomy and physiology to massage therapy and business marketing!

Renowned Teachers and Staff

All of our teachers and staff are hired for their A+ talent and many are from Physical Therapy Aide and Massage backgrounds.

Credible Institution

Certified by ACCET, our school is required to provide an excellent education that assists students to get employed to the best of our ability.

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Below are answers to the PTA Program's most commonly asked questions.

  • What Does a Physical Therapy Aide Do?
  • What Do You Learn In Physical Therapy Certification?
  • Where Can I Work as a Physical Therapist?
  • How Long is The Program?
  • Are There Any Requirements?
  • When is The Next Class?
  • Does It Cost Money to Apply?
  • Do You Offer Grants/Scholarships/Discounts?
  • Where Do I Get Started?

P.T. aides' particular responsibilities vary by setting, but they are usually in charge of putting up equipment and keeping a clean and functional area for treatments and exercises. Patients who require assistance traveling from one place to another are also helped by P.T. assistants. They also take care of secretarial tasks like patient intake, liaising with recommending doctors' offices, and recording patients' replies throughout exercises.

Here are just a few of the duties of a PTAide:

  • Assist with the patient intake process.
  • Equipment preparation
  • Putting together hot and cold packs
  • Keeping track of patients
  • Keeping track of patients' responses and progress
  • Communicate with doctors' offices and hospital employees.
  • Patient Transport

You will learn all the basics to build a strong foundation as a successful member of the rehab team. We cover many topics to help make you a well rounded PT Aide and Massage Therapist. We prepare you for the massage certification exam and give you the professional skills necessary to work in a busy physical therapy environment.

Rehabilitation through Physical Therapy is an ever growing practice and it still has a lot of growth to accomplish. Incorporating a team of trustworthy and knowledgeable Physical Therapy Aides is a virtue for the world of health and wellness. This information is spreading quickly, therefore the number of people interested in Physical Therapy is growing rapidly and you can be a part of the community too.

The skills you obtain here, combined with your passion to help others will make you a valuable member of the rehabilitation team. As the field of physical therapy and rehab has evolved, there has been a higher and higher use of manual therapy/massage interventions among our pool of employers. Because the fields are so interconnected, we include massage certification as part of the PT Aide program.

Many of the students and graduates of our physical therapist aide school have used the work experience they gained after completing our program to further their education and become Physical Therapy Assistants or Doctors of Physical Therapy. In addition to seeking higher credentials, many of our graduates use the massage certification to develop their clientele as an additional source of income. The possibilities are numerous with the solid start we provide in the rehabilitation industry.

Physical Therapy Aide graduates get the chance to work at many facilities that offer rehabilitative practices. Once on-site, PTA’s will get the opportunity to work under a Physical Therapist and assist them with clinical duties.
  • Physical Therapy Offices
  • Chiropractic Offices
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers
  • Sports Medicine Facilities
  • Medical Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Spas
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Rehab Clinics
  • Fitness Centers
The program can be completed in about 9 months!
Just a high school diploma and an eager mind. We will help you with the rest.
SOCHi is routinely enrolling for new classes. Please reach out to an admissions advisor today at (818) 980-8990 to see when you can start. The answer is usually soon!
Nope, just pick up the phone or inquire through our website.
Yes, our financial aid department offers various ways of assistance to fund personal training courses to those who qualify. Just inquire within!
Fill out the registration form on this page or call us at (818) 980-8990 to start your journey to become a PTAide at our accredited Physical Therapy Aide School in Los Angeles!