Five Steps in Sochi's Path to Career Success

five steps to career success
Five Steps to Career Success Infographic

Here are the five steps in reaching your career milestone:

Step 1 - Looking to kick-start your career!

whatever you have just graduated high school or you want to kick-start a career later in life, you can always start by contacting SOCHi.

Step 2 - Set up an appointment with an admissions advisor

SOCHi admissions advisers will become assistant you in creating an appointment to tour the school. You will discuss career opportunities in the field of your interest and everything we offer at the best college in Los Angeles including career services and student finance.

Step 3 - Enroll

Sign your papers and start your career here at SOCHi. You will be elated when you walk through those doors on day one. Welcomes by prestigious instructors, your education begins now!

Step 4 - Speak to a financial adviser

We understand that financials can be complicated to understand. We assure you that our finance department will assist you in your journey every step of the way and clarify your options.

Step 5 - Graduate

Congratulation! You may have finished at SOCHi, but you are beginning a new path to success out in the world with all your experience. Keep us in mind when you are talking about the world by storm.


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