Honors Program


The Alpha Beta Kappa Sigma Gamma Chapter is a division of the greater Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. Alpha Beta Kappa Sigma Gamma is the chapter assigned to Southern California Health Institute.

As a society, our purpose shall be to inspire others to achieve greater scholastic success through recognition, community outreach, and outstanding character. By creating a strong bond within our society, we shall help other members rise to their greatest potential. Membership is by invitation to all SOCHi students who achieve a specific criteria.

Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) members organize events for all students who wish to participate, as well as taking part themselves.

Examples of types of community participation:
  • Children’s Hospital – Christmas Toy Drive.
  • Ronald McDonald’s House – cooking meals for families that have kids recovering after surgeries.
  • Hope of the Valley Rescue – chair massages for families during Thanksgiving.
  • American Cancer Society – sponsor cancer awareness bake sale and donate all proceeds.
  • North Hollywood YMCA – chair massages for underprivileged families.
SOCHi Events:
  • Valentine Grams
  • SOCHi Games
  • Halloween Costume Contest

Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) also organized events that are only available to current and alumni members. These events are organized for ABK members to come together and share their achievements, inspire one another and to simply enjoy.

Students Events:
  • May Day Picnic
  • Beach Please –a day at the beach
  • Christmas Party
  • ABK Alumni Mixer for Massage Therapy graduates
  • ABK Alumni Mixer for Physical Therapy Aide graduates
  • ABK Alumni Mixer for Personal Fitness Trainer graduates
  • ABK Alumni Mixer for Medical Billing & Coding Specialist graduates
ABK Upcoming On-Going Projects:
  • Care packages for students without housing – includes toiletries, blanket, and other necessities
  • Mentorship Program for incoming students that are struggling with their education and managing a busy life. ABK members who are full-time students, full-time employees, and full-time parents can assist incoming students with the challenges facing adult learners; time management and prioritizing responsibilities to reduce stress.