Job Opportunities for a Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified Nurse Assistant Workplace
A certified nursing assistant’s (CNA) main role is to provide basic care to patients, as well as assist them in daily activities.

As a Certified Nurse Assistant you will have multiple duties which mainly revolve around helping patients get the help they need to get through their day. The activities you will be helping with are normal in our everyday lives, but your patients will need extra care when dealing with these tasks. Some of these tasks involve anything from helping patients getting dressed to helping them use the toilet. Patients may even need help with the littlest of things such as turning around in bed at night as to not get bed sores. These tasks may seem mundane, but many individuals you will be around will need this assistance to get through their day. Now, the question is: where will you be accomplishing all of these tasks? Where can a Certified Nurse Assistant Work?

Home Health Aide Agency

One place that is very popular for a CNA is a home health aide agency. This means that patients can receive care from the comfort of a home. For a Certified Nurse Assistant duties are still the same for the most part, but may expand to chores around the house like laundry or fetching groceries. The point of a CNA being at a home health aide agency is to create a safe and productive environment. This means that you are following through with any tasks or assisting your patients that a healthy adult would accomplish on their own.

Working at a home health aide agency means that certified nursing assistants will have more time to focus on patients. The workload is heavy in the sense that you are running through your tasks, but your focus is usually on one patient at a time.

Assisted Living Facilities

CNA’s can find themselves working in an assisted living facility more often than not. An assisted living facility consists of older adults who need some assistance with various tasks like bathing, getting dressed, using the restroom, and eating. The amount of patients in a living facility can range from around 20 to about 150, it just depends on where you are working. Patients can even vary in range of care depending on paralleling levels of pay. Normally, patients live in their own rooms or homes and share various common areas.

Assisted living facilities require less attention than skilled nursing facilities. This is not to say that the job is necessarily easier, but assisted living facilities give room for Certified Nurse Assistants to still be working patients who can act in some sense of self-reliance.

Local Hospitals

This next option that Certified Nursing Assistants have to work at is possibly the hardest position to acquire. Working at a local hospital is a rewarding position that many CNA’s seek. The reason why is that it is usually a larger institution that provides good benefits and allows CNA’s to feel accomplished at the end of the day with many patients coming in and out. Also, it is exciting working side by side with so many departments; in a hospital you can be witnessing work from the ER to the specialist rooms. In a big hospital, the possibilities are endless.

There are many upsides to working in a hospital. Firstly, your pay will probably be much higher than any other institution you’ll be working for. Secondly, the benefits and job security will be enough to keep you working at the hospital for a long time. Since the perks of working in a hospital are so enthralling, it usually means that they aren’t always hiring so often. It may take a while for a CNA to get a job at a hospital, but it is not impossible.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities or Centers are where patients can get the care that is required, but not offered at assisted living centers. At a skilled nursing facility, patients require a lot more attention than at other rehabilitation or assisted living facilities. The care at these facilities are normally implemented professionals such as registered nurses and other specialists or therapists with a specific focus such as speech or physicality. This means that these trained professionals will need a lot of assistants from medical assistants and certified nurse assistants to properly fulfill their duties.

Due to the high volume of patients at a skilled nursing facility, CNAs will have a heavy workload placed upon them from their supervisors and RNs. Due to the higher workload some nurse assistants say they feel overworked or work in high stress levels. Albeit, the perks of working in a skilled nursing facility are not lost on them. Often times, CNA’s who work in these conditions find themselves with high job security due to their importance. They also have pretty good benefits that can help them feel stable as they move on to other institutions. Working at a nursing institution can be a great resume builder and give individuals trying to advance their career, a lot of experience.

Becoming a CNA

Now, these are just a few of the many options of places where a Certified Nurse Assistant can work. Getting the opportunity is probably easy, but it’s important to get the proper training to get to that level. How do you become a CNA? Get educated! It does not take a lot to become a certified nursing assistant. Seek out schools that can offer you an education in the field of health and wellness. A quick google search and a few visits to campuses can get you the information you need to decide where you want to go. Getting an education in certified nurse assisting can be a great stepping stone to eventually become a medical assistant, a registered nurse, or even a doctor in the future!