Top Five Skills for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers Skills
Personal trainers who plan ahead get optimal results.

If you love fitness and are looking for a satisfying career, personal training may sound like the perfect fit. However, how do you know if transitioning from enjoying fitness as a hobby to enjoying fitness as a profession is a right move for you? Read on for a roundup of five character traits exemplified by the best personal trainers.

1. They love people.

Personal training is all about helping other people reach their fitness goals. The takeaway for aspiring personal trainers? Loving fitness is only part of the big picture. You must also be excited about sharing this love with others. This involves getting to know your clients, assessing their fitness levels, and understanding their goals.

If you are not a people person, being a personal trainer can feel like a chore. If you are a people person, meanwhile, you are unlikely to find a more fulfilling way to spend your time.

Do one other essential way people skills matter in personal training? Having a friendly, outgoing personality will not only help you enjoy your job more. However, it will also attract more clients -- raising your professional prospects.

2. They practice patience, tolerance, and tact.

Whether fitness has always been part of your life or it is a more recent passion, everyone's path to fitness is different. Some clients will struggle with finding motivation. Others will repeatedly fall off the wagon regarding health, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Any personal trainer will tell you: some clients are more challenging than others. The more open you are to understand their unique struggles, the more meaningful a role you can play in inspiring them to overcome these obstacles.

Another important quality? Tact. While you may train elite athletes, you may also work with people at the very beginning of their journeys to healthier lives. Understanding these differences and offering a safe, discreet, and judgment-free environment for growth is critical.

3. They are organized and accountable.

Being a personal trainer involves much more than working out in the gym every day. It also includes determining realistic goals (and benchmarks along the way) and implementing fitness and nutrition programs aimed at helping clients achieve them.

However, your responsibility to customers goes beyond their one-hour weekly appointment. A significant portion of a personal trainer's work takes place outside the gym designing customized exercise and eating plans for clients. Recording and tracking client progress is also a paramount organizational tool.

4. They are informed...and open to learning.

Being a good personal trainer goes beyond knowing how to use the equipment at the gym. It also requires strong foundational knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, human behavior, and other key topics. Enrolling in a reputable personal training program will not only imbue you with this knowledge but will also give you the ability to apply it in real-world situations.

However, our understanding of the human body and how it works is also always changing. Personal training professionals who are open to continually enriching themselves -- both by reading up on the latest fitness and nutrition research and by embracing formal continuing education opportunities -- are best positioned to help their clients succeed.

5. They have strong communication skills.

All of the knowledge in the world is meaningless without the ability to communicate it to your clients in an efficient, effective way. Communication is also essential from a business perspective: How you interact with clients can ultimately directly affect your ability to gain and retain them.

These five traits may be invaluable, but they are also not the only ones. Commitment, energy, and adaptability are also key components in a personal trainer's toolkit. Moreover, while all of this may sound like a tall order, attending the right fitness trainer certification program can help you learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of becoming a personal trainer. Request information today to learn more about what SOCHi's leading personal training programs can do for you.