How You Can Stay Active During the Pandemic?

Stay Active During the Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the lives of nearly everyone on the planet.

Per CDC and WHO guidelines, Los Angeles gyms are closed. So this begs the question: now what? For so many, it was so important to stay active and be healthy. Whether it was a simple uphill walk on a treadmill or weighted circuits, many enjoyed the gym. Due to the fact that we are currently staying at home, it may be hard to stay active. Staying active promotes many benefits both physically and mentally. Here are a few ways you can safely stay active now that the gyms are closed.

Walking is Healthy

Walking is a great way to stay active. It is low pressure and it can be done at any pace you would like. For many, a daily walk is necessary to get out of the house. Physical activity is not even their first priority when they do, just sanity. A simple walk around the block a few times with a mask or for at last twenty minutes will do the trick.

Running is a Great Form of Cardio

In lieu of a walk you can consider a brisk jog or a nice run. It may be harder with a mask, but it is important you are staying safe and protecting strangers from any droplets that may come out while you are breathing (which will obviously be enhanced if you’re doing it right). Depending on the speed and the length of the run you can get in an amazing workout and feel great. Runs are fantastic because they are quick and can get the adrenaline pumping. Oftentimes after a run people feel rejuvenated ironically even though they have exerted a lot of their energy. You can do a free run or set yourself a route in your community that you know has a limited amount of people to stick to your social distancing. Running uphill can get you extra points in your cardio journey.

Buying Workout Equipment

If you have the extra money and miss lifting at the gym, try going online to shop for some weights to help you out. You do not have to go crazy and get yourself an at home military grade obstacle course (but that is obviously your business). A simple set of dumbbells should suffice. Honestly, even just two dumbbells with a small weight can work. As long as there is any type of added weight to your workout you can work up a sweat. If you feel as though your added weight is too low and you can’t splurge for heavier sets you can add more repetitions to your workouts. For specific workouts you can simply look online for great exercises.

Aside from being just weights you can also look for other types of workout equipment. This can include cables, bands and bosu balls. These miscellaneous tools can help expand the limits of your exercise. Each is designed to work out specific parts of your body and can range to target the whole body if needed. If you aren't comfortable slinging around heavy weights, these are also a great at home option.