Career Counseling at Sochi: Setting the Course for Success

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Being prepared for an interview gives you confidence.

Preparing for a career in health and wellness, a job field that grows yearly and is expected to continue to do so, takes more than just hands-on learning and listening to lectures in your field. At the Southern California Health Institute, we go beyond training and add extra perks that can help you be a success in your chosen profession.

Helping Our Students Find Jobs

The one-to-one approach used by SOCHi leads the way for you to not only get a good education but arms you with what you need to get a job after completion. Our career counseling offers our students valuable resources to make getting a job easier. Knowing how to conduct a successful job search is important in finding just the right job for you. We teach you all the best ways to conduct a job search, so your search will be successful, whether the field is billing and coding, personal fitness trainer, massage therapy or as a physical therapy aide.

Resume Writing

A correctly written resume can mean the difference between getting a job interview or having your resume end up on the bottom of the pile of applications. At SOCHi, we give you great tips on how to write a successful resume, from format and layout to choice of font and design. In addition, we include proofing your resume, printing and mailing it, following up and a section on email and online applications. Resume guidelines also include a template, example of a good resume, list of action verbs and list of recommended rules to follow. Everything you need is addressed, so you can write a resume that will stand out and properly list your qualifications for the job.

Preparing for an Interview

Job applicants going in for an interview often prep for it in advance. Job recruiters are busy people who interview job applicants frequently. They have a good idea what they are looking for in a job applicant and little time to waste on those who aren’t a good fit for the position. SOCHi helps prepare you for your interview with positive attributes recruiters look for, how to research the company where you applying for the job, asking questions and what kind of interview questions you may be asked. Logistics, personal attire, grooming and attitude during the interview are also addressed. Being able to prepare in advance this way gives you a good chance of not only doing well on your first interview but being called back for the second interview.

Additional Help

Help does not stop with resume writing and preparation for an interview. The Career Services Team at SOCHi can also help you identify job openings, teach you how to negotiate wages and benefits, find advancement opportunities and other tips that will help you once you are ready to go to work. You also get hands-on experience through our externship program, so you can use what you have learned in a real work situation.

Start Learning at the Southern California Health Institute

Now is the right time to start learning for a new career in health care, and SOCHi is an accredited school of learning that can help you reach your educational goals. Learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help you by clicking here to request information.


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