How to Set Your Own Rates as a Personal Fitness Trainer?

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How Much Should You Charge for Personal Training?

Being a personal fitness trainer is hard work. You are tasked to guide others on their fitness journeys and ensure that they are taking the appropriate steps to reach their goals. If you are working in a gym you rates are set by your boss. Usually this consists of a regular hourly rate at minimum wage and then most trainers would get paid on commission while they are training. Not only that, but they would also have to find their own clientele at the gym they work at. Working under a gym’s rules can be ideal for some, but for others, that is not their prerogative.

Personal Trainers can benefit a lot when they branch out from gyms and begin to set their own rates. The question is, “how do I set my own rates?”.

Get Certified Then Set Your Own Rates as a Personal Trainer

Firstly, what you need to do is get certified and trained. There are plenty of online schools that provide prospective students with the tools they need. The best thing to do is to do a quick online search and see what schools are providing what you need to become a successful trainer. What types of certifications will you recieve? Who will be providing this certification? How long is the program? These are all questions you should be asking when searching for online schools.

Aside from online schools, it is also a good idea to look into hybrid or on campus courses. On campus courses provide students with a more hands on approach to learning. It is better to learn what you need in person if you feel as though you are the type of person who will lose concentration or drive in an online course. Fitness is objectively physical, therefore it may be better to learn about fitness physically rather than through a screen. When it comes to nutrition and anatomy it may be easy to grasp concepts online, but when you have to show someone how to move their body a certain way, it can be a good idea to be in person. A good way to find schools that can provide you with physical trainer certifications is to look online or ask trainer you know how they got certified. Once you find a few schools that peak your interest, you should go ahead and go tour those schools and speak to an admissions adviser. Once you’ve found the school of your choice and enrolled you can begin your journey to become a personal fitness trainer.

In your training program you will slowly advance in your skills and eventually be tasked with thinking about the logistics of your career. Making a game plan should be your next step. A great idea would be to figure out what gym you are going to begin working at. From then you will hopefully start training your clients. Most gyms have their trainers market their own skills and build up their own clientele while receiving the tools they need to do so. This is the perfect opportunity to soak up all of the real world experience you can get.

Build Your Client Base

Once you feel as though you have gotten the experience you need in training real clients, you can then branch out on your own. Make sure you have a enough clients in your back pocket to ensure that you can have a steady income once you leave your job. If need be, you can even start to train clients on your own while you are still working and wait until you build a stable client base. Now, that you have a stable client base you get the opportunity to charge your own rates.

Prices for personal training can vary on many factors such as duration, quality, location, travel, amenities, nutritional advice, and many other qualities. A guide price to start at can be $75 dollars for about an hour of training. This can then be increased let’s say if you have to travel to your client or if you are also providing a meal plan. Starting your own business and creating your own prices is a unique game because you need to ensure that you are charging the appropriate prices for your services. If your prices are outlandish for a person who cannot afford your prices then that is a customer you can lose. On the other hand, there are trainers who have built up their client base with wealthy and successful individuals. Therefore, when prices increase, it isn’t much of an issue for a wealthy person.

Your Business, Your Rules

Are you nervous about over charging? Ask around. Find out what other trainers are charging for an hour session. A good way to do this is to just simply inquire as if you wanted a personal training session. If you want to make sure you are not overcharging. Start at a low price and consider it a cheaper value for your first few sessions until you feel as though you’ve developed a strong sense of what you should be charging. Remember, it’s your business and you can set your own rates as long as you’re comfortable with the amount of people willing to pay for it.