Massage Therapy and Trauma Therapy: Relieve Symptoms of Trauma

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Massage Therapy Can Support Trauma Healing

Relief of Symptoms Trauma With Massage Therapy

Trauma is an experience or what is caused by an experience that is deeply distressing or dramatic. This experience can happen to a person, a whole group of people, or even a culture. Due to their disturbing qualities, these events are ingrained in people's minds causing them to relive the same pain they suffered or at least a form of it. This relieved pain and suffering can hinder someone's inability to cope or deal with the past events. Trauma makes it hard for people to move on with their lives and deal with recovering. This can be relieved by seeking a massage therapist that can ease the symptoms of trauma for you.

Causes of trauma can come from many different events from individually affected to whole groups that are affected. When we speak of individuals that are affected, this can sometimes refer to events such as rape or murder or even witnessing the two. In terms of groups that are affected by trauma, a good example would be a natural disaster or an accident that has affected a whole community. The most common trauma we hear about as a society is PTSD from war flashbacks. When veterans come back from war and are affected cognitively, that is a form of trauma manifesting itself. Although this is all normal, it is important to deal with your trauma with your professional in order to move on with your life and live healthy.

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It is important to realize when trauma is drastically affecting you; only then can you take the appropriate steps to deal with it. Trauma can affect you on both and emotional and psychological level. Often times after a traumatic event, victims tend to feel a large sense of shock or denial. It is normal to not want to believe something bad is happening considering bad events are not usually welcomed. Confusion is another way trauma manifests itself causing its victims to feel disillusioned by their normal tasks on a short-term and long-term level.

Mood swings also come into play when it comes to coping with trauma. Many victims have outbursts of anger and sadness at what seem to be irrational moments, but in reality, it is just their trauma being triggered. With mood swings, come feelings of guilt and shame. It is hard for people to feel like they are being irrational with no way to explain their trauma in a healthy manner. This leads to a lot of misplaced blame that can extend the symptoms of trauma. In a whirlwind of emotions, many victims tend to feel disconnected and begin to withdraw themselves from others through self-isolation.

Symptoms of trauma do not only manifest themselves in emotional ways, but also physical ways. In terms of their body, muscles begin to tense up and pain ensues. Achy bodies are not a rarity in the realm of trauma and can lead to many depressive episodes. It is hard when traumatic past events leak their way into your physical body and inflict pain. Many people don’t realize that their trauma is affecting their body and chalk it up to other reasons.

Trauma can lead many to have odd patterns of cognitive behavior and rest. For instance, due to aches, pains, and other issues many victims of trauma tend to feel fatigued more than regularly. Attention is another aspect that is off when it comes to coping with past events; it becomes harder and harder for victims of trauma to focus when it is appropriate. Insomnia can even arise from rest patterns being misaligned.

Using Massage Therapy to Cope With Trauma

Everyone experiences some sort of trauma at some point in their life, but it varies from person to person. Noticing the signs is the first step you should take in your road to recovery. As stated above, signs of trauma can manifest in many physical and emotional ways, but it is up to you to decide where to begin to get assistance. When symptoms of trauma begin to spill into your daily life and hinder you from living your life and reaching your goals it is time to reach out to professionals that can assist you with coping.

Massage Therapy is a great coping mechanism that can assist people with the symptoms of their trauma. Firstly, it relieves the physical aches and pains that trauma inflicts on a person's body. The pressure of massage therapy loosens up tense muscles in the body and increases healthy blood flow, thus reducing tight pains and knots in the short and long run. Massage is also known to create endorphins and reduce stress hormones in one body. A bodywork session will leave one relaxed and with an open mind to heal.

At Southern California Health Institute, you can learn how to become a massage therapist that will be certified to begin to heal others, one massage at a time. Call (818) 980-8990 for a complementary phone consultation. Let SOCHi train you to make sure everyone’s road to recovery will be guided with the help of professionals and staff that care about healing.


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