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Specialized exercise to relieve back and neck strain are just part of what personal fitness trainers can do for employees.

Today people are more aware than ever of their health. Reducing stress, improving nutrition, and taking better care of your body have become a part of everyday life. Even businesses are thinking more about their employees’ health and well-being, especially while at work.

What is Corporate Wellness?

Healthier employees work better, improving the productivity of the company. A healthier workforce also reduces overhead, particularly with regard to healthcare expenses. In fact, many companies have embraced the new healthier mindset and are launching corporate wellness initiatives to help care for their workers.

Encouraging healthy habits and improving the workplace environment are major goals of corporate wellness.

Corporate wellness programs range from those with basic services and online referrals, to more tailored programs that can customize services to fit the needs of individual workers. A company may offer an on-site exercise room with a variety of equipment for employees to use, offer healthy meal and snack choices in the cafeteria and throughout the building, or they may have a nurse or personal trainer on-site or on-call to talk with individual workers about their healthcare needs and provide guidance.

Role of Personal Fitness Trainers

Many companies are including personal fitness trainers as a part of their corporate wellness services. This can be especially important in offices, where workers spend much of their time sitting at desks in front of computers. For businesses concerned about healthcare expenses, helping their employees avoid the chronic strain and stress injuries that can result from poor work habits and lack of exercises is top priority.

Personal fitness trainers offer something unique when they are part of a corporate wellness program. Though often viewed in a limited light, as exercise gurus, personal fitness trainers assist with your entire health, from helping you make good nutritional choices to providing tips on avoiding stress and repetitive injuries, to helping you customize your workouts to suit your age, health, and individual goals.

Personal trainers have become an increasingly popular element of corporate wellness programs.

Personal fitness trainers also offer added skills and benefits that are valuable to the company as a whole. Personal fitness trainers have training in CPR and first aid, a requirement to receive personal training certification at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) and at other vocational schools. Personal fitness trainers also have completed coursework in anatomy and physiology, so they have a base of knowledge to answer employees’ medical questions and to advise them when to seek medical care.

Physical and Mental Stress Relief

Work environments can be incredibly stressful, whether you are working at an assembly line in a factory, or at a desk in an office. Even the strain of maintaining positions and repeating motions during the work day can take a toll on the body, causing back and neck strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic pain.

Specialized exercise to relieve back and neck strain are just part of what personal fitness trainers can do for employees.

Personal fitness trainers can design exercise programs to reduce strain and improve muscle tone, as well as educating the employees about their bodies, how they move and rest, and what the best exercises and positions are to promote body health.

Get Your Personal Training Certification!

Becoming a certified personal fitness trainer begins with a comprehensive program such as that offered at Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi). The coursework in the Personal Fitness Trainer/ Health and Wellness Professional program at SOCHi draws from the experience of real fitness experts. Based on solid scientific research and concepts, the program focuses on the key skills and abilities needed to be successful as a personal trainer, while providing a broad base of knowledge in health and wellness. Graduates are prepared to take the certification exams and accept an entry-level position as a fitness trainer.

Personal fitness training offers numerous opportunities, including a chance to promote corporate wellness.

If you are interested in helping others improve their health and wellness, and want to take your unique skills and expertise into a rapidly expanding professional environment, becoming a certified personal fitness trainer and serving a corporate environment through their wellness program may be just the way to go.

For more information about the programs offered by SOCHi, including our Personal Fitness Trainer program, you can request information here.


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