How Do Personal Trainers Make Money During The Pandemic?

Personal Trainers Make Money During The Pandemic
Steps to Make Money during the Corona Pandemic

Social distancing is key to ensure that we flatten the curve and prevent as many casualties as possible, but what does that mean for business owners who need close contact to sustain their income. Furthermore, what does that mean for small businesses or even freelancers. For example, personal trainers require work out spaces and close contact with their clients to sustain their business. In the age of COVID-19, personal training and social distancing are not mutually exclusive. The two can live in harmony so that the end goal of health and wellness can thrive. Read about the different ways personal trainers can continue to run their self made business and be safe.

Utilizing Social Media as a Trainer

One way to keep up your business is to utilize and build your social media presence is to ensure that all of your accounts are in tip top shape. Keep up with the trends! What do other personal fitness accounts have? How can you take that and spruce it up to be unique. Be sure to make accounts for all of the important social pages such as instagram, twitter, tik tok, and more. Since you can’t be out and about gaining clients with your physical presence, make sure your digital presence is making up for that.

The key to a good social profile has to ensure that you are selling yourself and letting audiences know that you can do the job: which is helping them reach their goals. Ensure that your bio clearly states what you do and depending on the environment you want to create for your audience make sure that is incorporated whether be fun and playful or a serious bootcamp feel.

Posting Personal Training Content on Social Media

Building your social media presence does not just include a good mission statement and “vibe”, but the bulk of your selling point should be your content. This content should be just enough to engage and build clientele, but not too much where your potential clients don’t feel the need to get your personal assistance. Things that can be posted on your personal training account can be nutritional tips, infographics, small workouts, words of encouragement, self training to build credibility, and even testimonials of how you have helped others. All of these things will market your personal training pages and let current clients and potential clients that the show can and must go on.

Just because everyone is in doors it does not mean that they can not exercise. The goal to keep business going safely is to encourage clients that they can still remain safe and keep somewhat of a normal routine they had going. If you have the power to encourage and inspire others that can be a great way to have reliable clients that you mesh well with. Half of personal training is based in mental capacity and not just physical capacity. Use this as a time to reach out to.

people whether individually or broad based to lift people's spirits and support exercise as a healing effort.

Working Out Digitally

Working out digitally is the perfect way to encourage a sense of normalcy for current clients or even potential ones. Who knows? Maybe if enough clients like it, you can always have that as something to fall back on to add to your services when the times of social distancing are not around. You can hold classes on group video chatting services such as google hangouts or zoom. It’s possible to even hold individual training sessions through the mode of video chat like on facetime! You can use your individual posts to give people a taste through a testimonial or a walk through of what working out digitally is like.

Just because we have to stay away from each other, it does not mean we can not train together. With current technology, social media, and a little bit of a good spirit - we can ensure that personal trainers and individuals who want to work out can continue their routines with a little bit of a twist.