Perfect Jobs To Make Some Extra Money

Perfect Side Jobs for Extra Money
Here are two side jobs to consider when you need some extra income.

Life gets tough and it is always nice to have some extra money on the side. This can always help with bills and any other bumps in the road that come along. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of extra money to splurge and treat yourself with. Well, whether you are in school, working, or even both; you can always find an opportunity to have a side hustle. Finding a side job like being a massage therapist or a personal fitness trainer can get you a steady second income that will alleviate your financial issues.

Massage Therapists Make Good Money

Massage therapists can make around $30 an hour if they choose and even more than that depending on how much they’d like to charge. The nice thing about being a massage therapist is that you can either work at a nice spa or any other institution under a supervisor or you can even be your own boss. Under an institution, you can always pick up a few shifts throughout the week or even just on the weekends; as someone who owns their own business, you can set your own schedule. Make money whenever and however you’d like. It’s just important that you are able to keep up with your own schedule.

The plus side to making extra money as a massage therapist is that it can give you the benefit of making others feel better while doing it holistically. Massage therapy involves the act of manipulating or de-stressing muscles that have tightened in the body. When we work on muscles in the body, we then release any tension and toxins that are trapped in the hardened muscles. This creates a great sense of relief for clients and leaves them happy and satisfied. It isn’t talked about much, but it is very gratifying knowing that you are making the world a less stressful place with just your hands. Speaking of your hands, massage is a holistic and natural medicine that heals many with just the use of your two hands.

Personal Trainers Get Paid Well

Another job that can get you a good income is becoming a personal fitness trainer. As a personal fitness trainer you will be able to get the same benefits as working as a massage therapist like working for an established institution or working for yourself. When you work for an institution you have a set rate that may fluctuate based on how your gyms pays, but as a personal trainer who runs their own business and builds their clientele, you can charge your own rates. There are trainers who charge $30 an hour and some who charge up to $70 an hour, it’s up to how good you sell yourself, your skillset, and if you can find clients that will pay your rates.

Not only can becoming a personal fitness trainer give you a great side hustle, but it can also prove to be a great career that can boost your health and make you feel fulfilled. As a personal trainer you will be helping others with creating schedules in which they will exercise and eat healthy, therefore by association you will also be working out and eating healthy. Your need to assist clients will fuel your need to workout yourself, because without the knowledge and drive to work out alone, you couldn’t possibly teach others or begin to show them that you are a credible source.

Many times, people seek out personal trainers because they are out of shape or are trying to reach some sort of fitness goal. When working in the field of body and health transformation, it tends to take a mental toll and requires a bit of emotional investment. By the time clients have reached their fitness goals, you have spent enough time with them to feel fulfilled and grateful that you have the opportunity to play a part in seeing people you’ve built a relationship with grow.

How Do You Get Certified in a Field?

There are many other options to make some side money, but if you are set on doing something like becoming a massage therapist or a personal fitness trainer, you need to get certified. Getting certified is easy and just requires finding the right school that you can go to. For jobs in the field of massage and fitness that require bodywork, it is essential that you find a school or program that gives you the hands-on benefits you need. You can do this by doing some quick research and reaching out to schools. Once you get in touch with an admissions advisor or a few and visit the schools you’d like you can enroll at your favorite one. After a few months, you will then be certified and ready to make some more money!