Offering Relief with Medical Massage

Benefits of Medical Massage
As hospitals and clinics explore holistic treatments, massage schools are placing greater emphasis on medical massage training.

The demand for experienced, well-trained massage therapists is increasing as more individuals seek out the healing and relaxation that the various types of massage offer. Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) massage school offers a comprehensive program in Advanced Professional Massage Therapy that provides classroom and hands-on learning in a variety of massage techniques.

One particular area of massage therapy that is getting increasing attention is that of medical massage. Medical massage is similar to most other types of massage in that it involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to promote circulation and stimulate pressure receptors. However, medical massage is used to more directly target specific health concerns rather than for simple relaxation. Medical Massage is being incorporated into the healthcare industry, with many hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and even nursing homes offering the therapeutic benefits of medical massage to patients.

Benefits of Medical Massage

Medical massage has been used for years for pain treatment, providing relief in many cases where medications have little or no effect. Researchers have found that the effects of massage therapy on pain can be seen on a cellular level, stimulating the mitochondria of the cells and reducing inflammation. The result is new cellular growth and increased healing for the injured sites.

In addition to pain relief, medical massage has a number of other benefits that can be seen and felt. Medical massage is often used in recovery situations to help the patient regain range of motion and flexibility in an injured part of the body. Patients with posture issues, including back problems and scoliosis, can benefit from the therapeutic effects of a massage.

Massage can also improve your immune system and healing time, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body.

Healing is an important part of medical massage. One of the most important elements needed to heal within the body is collagen. Collagen is in every part of the body, holding the skeletal structure together, keeping our skin and joints resilient and youthful, and helping our body to heal after injury. Medical massage stimulates the collagen in our bodies, helping our skin tone and firmness to improve, our joints to become stronger and more flexible, and our hair and nails to grow longer and stronger. Collagen also promotes the healing of damage inside and outside the body, decreasing scar tissue from injuries, surgeries and external damage.

Importance of Medical Massage Therapy Training

Massage therapy courses at SOCHi offer an integrated approach in their massage therapy program, with studies covering the theory and application of a variety of types of massage, including medical massage techniques. It is important to understand the mechanics of the body to practice massage safely and effectively, and SOCHi provides this education in anatomy, physiology and pathology. The program also features a number of massage therapy classes and modalities that are important when used in medical massage, including lymph drainage massage techniques, myofascial release and trigger points.

As the many physical and psychological benefits of medical massage have become more well-known, the demand for trained medical massage therapists has increased. Whether it is being used to improve circulation, promote healing, relieve pain, boost the immune system or increase strength and flexibility, medical massage has become a vital and necessary part of the healthcare industry.

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