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Will 2017 find you on your way to a fresh start? This way to a bright, beautiful future.

Does your job feel like a chore day after day? If so, you're not alone. For millions of people going to work every day is more drudgery than delight. But is that really the way to spend 40 hours -- or more! -- of your life every week? As if this alone isn't bad enough, the days can turn into months, the months into years, and before you know it you're complexly stuck in a dead-end job that offers you nothing. Of course, this beats the alternative: joining the growing droves of the unwillingly unemployed.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Imagine a future in which you can have a new job in less than a year's time -- one which offers not only stability but also rare fulfillment. Well, that future is within your reach, and all it takes is four simple steps.

1. Commit to Making a Change

Everyone talks about changing their lives. Unfortunately for most people, it's exactly that: talk. If you want to go beyond talk, it takes the right mindset. Sure, staying within your comfort zone is a safe bet, but will it help you grow as a professional and as a person? Of course not. The truth is that all meaningful change starts with a decision.

It's true that getting from here to there can be easier said than done, but having clear goals helps immensely. What are your priorities when it comes to landing your dream job? A better paycheck? More stimulating work? The chance to make a contribution to the greater good? Identifying what matters to you can be uniquely motivating when it comes to transforming your goal into a reality.

2. Assess Your Options

The last thing you want to do is invest time and money into a job for which you're not suited. Even worse? Hanging your hopes on a career for which there's limited demand little room for growth. Choose wrong, and you risk ending up in the same position two, three or five years from now. Choose well, and you set yourself up for a sought-after and satisfying career.

One of the best industries for today's job-changers? Healthcare. Between the aging population, a current shortfall of qualified professionals, and the evolution of technology, employers in this field have an unprecedented need for trained workers.

Additionally, jobs in this area are incredibly diverse. So whether you enjoy working with numbers in an office-type setting or you're more interested in taking an active role in helping others lead healthier lives, you're likely to find an appealing fit in healthcare.

3. Make a Plan

Once you've committed to change and have identified a particular career goal, you need a concrete plan. What, specifically, do you have to do to get from point A (your current, unfulfilling job) to point B (a fulfilling career)?

The more specific you are in formulating your plan of action, the better prepared you'll be to navigate a path to success. Making a detailed list can also help you track your progress as you go. After all, the more you put behind you, the closer you get to what's ahead.

In many cases, positioning yourself to land a good job in healthcare may involve enrolling in a specific program aimed at giving you the education and tools you need to stand out from other candidates. The good news? Whether you're planning on studying massage therapy, physical therapy, medical billing and coding, personal training, medical assistant or an alternate health and wellness-related field, there's a program aimed at helping you get there. Not only that, but many of these don't require bachelor's degrees and can be completed in well under a year.

4. Take Action

You now know what you want along with how to get there. The only thing left to do? Act. To learn more about how SOCHi can help you take the first step, request information. Already ready to start the clock on your new career? Apply to SOCHi today.


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