Remotely Working: Is Medical Billing and Coding From Home Right For You?

Medical Billing Home Jobs
Medical Billing Home Jobs

After getting assistance from the Southern California Health Institute in getting certified in the Medical Billing & Coding field, many graduates are excited to begin their work. This is the time when graduating students begin to remember why they joined this career path in the first place. There are many reasons why perspective Medical Billing & Coding students enroll in their respective program. Some heard about the field through a friend and thought that they could most benefit the Health Industry in that manner. Some heard they have a lot of room to move up in the ranks in such a growing field. Some even heard that Medical Billers & Coders make a lot of money and have a stable income and career after finding a job in the field. Even with all these wonderful reasons to join, a large portion of Medical Billers and Coders get a rush of excitement when they find out there is an opportunity for them to work from home. Working from home is a polarizing topic because to some, it means that it is an opportunity to daze off and diminish efficiency. To others, it is the perfect way to create a relaxing environment free of the obstacle of travel in order to do the best work one can and optimize efficiency. It is important to know the in’s and out’s of working remotely in order to see if it really is the right fit for you.

There are many types of ways you can work from home as a remote Medical Biller and Coder. Firstly, you can get hired from a company that works in Medical Billing and Coding. This is similar to getting hired regularly at any other company in terms of getting health benefits and paid time off. It’s as if you are a part of the company, but instead of seeing your coworkers face to face, you are at home and communicating via email and phone. You still have to clock in and out and work your normal shifts like you would if you were in an office. A job like this is done until you either leave on your own or get terminated.

Another method of working from home is doing work under a staffing company. Staffing companies focus on pairing employees with employers on short term jobs or full-time positions. This all depends on what an employer thinks suits their company best at the time being. This method is flexible in the sense that employers can change the time period you are working for them to suit changing needs. A third method revolves around working under specific contracts from home. This is all done individually and pay rate is negotiated between you and the project manager. This way, everything is up to you. You are simultaneously the Chief Operating Officer and the employee base.

Now that you know the different types of ways you can work from home, it is important to debunk some common tropes that are floating around in regards to working remotely in the Medical Billing & Coding field.

You are supplied everything you need!

Actually, not all companies give you the technology you need to work from home. This is especially the case when you are working for a staffing company or are working under contract from your home. Employer’s wants to see that you have what it takes to get the job done from home, if they have to spend a lot of many shipping you supplies it is just going to dishearten them from hiring you. Employers are focused on cost efficiency just as much as work ethic. Hopefully, after working your way up you can save enough money to get the supplies you would like at home, but sometimes the technology required to efficiently Bill or Code can be expensive. Another factor some people tend to factor out is the fact that an IT department will not always be around to assist them if they are working from home. Just like all employers don’t supply the tools needed to Bill and Code, they don’t have staff a phone call away to un-freeze your computer screen. This company may need to be hired on your own time and expense.

You can multitask!

Medical Billing and Coding takes a lot of focus and work. As we know, the more effort we put into one task the better it comes out. Therefore, if we are trying to finish a bill for a doctor, it can be a bit taxing trying to finish your laundry, babysit your kids, and make dinner all at the same time. A common misconception is that working from home means the work put in to get the job done is any different from working in an office. It is crucial to devote your attention to your Medical Billing and Coding tasks and only those tasks when you are working remotely as to finish in a timely manner. It would be a bit odd if one began separating their whites and darks in the middle of the lunch room at work, so don’t do the same while working from home.

You can be anywhere you want!

Theoretically, you can actually be working anywhere you want with the right service. Although, this may seem like it can be a nice change of scenery, it may distract you more than a quite office. Let’s say you go to your local coffee shop and there is a meeting gathering next to you that is getting a little loud. The volume of the group is getting too loud and causing you to lose focus. If you can’t handle that and you have to leave, you just wasted all that time to drive to a coffee shop and end up leaving with minimal work done. That is time that could have been spent finishing your task at hand. Time is also something that is often overlooked in remote working. Just because one is working remotely, it does not mean that they do not have a set schedule. If it is an individually contracted project, than the project just needs to be finished by the deadline. If one is working for a company or staffing agency, they still have to clock in and out and work their regular amount of hours. Hours are set for employees and the process to change them would be the same as changing them on site. This concept is also relevant when an employee is participating in video conferences, which are common. It is unprofessional to be a seen in a work space that is either too loud or too messy. It is important to stick to the same work space, wherever it is, in order to ensure that you are working your designated hours in a space that promotes a strong work ethic and steady stream of work flow.

You can wear whatever you want!

Now this is mostly true. You can essentially wear what you want and be where you want, but if you have to be on a video call with a client or employer it is important to be in business casual attire; at least for what is visible in the frame. One issue with wearing what you want is that often times the way we dress parallels how we work. It can be a bit hard to put in a day’s hard work in sweats or pajamas that one slept in. The laziness of the outfit can take a toll on your inspiration and that can show in your work. It is always nice to start off the day fresh with a new outfit and lively thought process.

These are just a few of the common tropes about working remotely. Although there are many more, it is important to realize that a new Certified Professional Coder or Certified Professional Biller straight out of the Southern California Health Institute will have trouble finding a remote Medical Billing and Coding Positions. Most remote positions are reserved for CPC’s and CPB’s that have at least two or three years of experience. New graduates often times begin onsite in order to get used to different processes in the field. When onsite, CPC’s and CPB’s can work with their supervisors and coworkers closely to ensure success and retain more information. Eventually, one can then work their way to working remotely only if it s a fit for them. One thing to remember with the concept of working remotely is the fact that it is just like working onsite, but at home. After learning about remote Medical Billing and Coding you can decide if it is truly a right fit for you or if you would be of better use onsite and in person.


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