How Medical Assistants Keep You Safe During the Pandemic

Healthcare Workers are At The Frontlines of The Pandemic
How CNAs and MAs are holding up our society?

Medical Assistants and Certified Nurse Assistants are essential workers and continue to keep communities safe during a health crisis. While most workers are staying home to keep safe and adhere to social distancing guidelines - medical assistants are in their clinics and offices going on with their daily duties. It’s important that we not only highlight and congratulate their heroic acts, but also to understand in depth how they keep us safe. When you do become ill, it is nice to know how health care providers are taking these precautions.

Getting Tested Frequently

Day in and day out, medical assistants and healthcare workers are constantly around individuals. All the social distancing can go a long way, it is impossible to avoid being around everyone as a healthcare worker. To stay extra safe, medical assistants get tested regularly to ensure that they are staying safe for all the patients coming in. Not only does getting tested assist patients in staying safe, but it also prevents co-workers from getting infected. It’s a downhill slope when one employee gets infected because it’s said that 40% of infections occur during a three day period where individuals are asymptomatic. With regular testing, these infections are reduced and in turn keeping everyone safe.

Wearing a Mask is Safe

Given the extensive tasks healthcare workers are given, medical workers are not allowed to work at their establishments unless they are wearing their masks properly. Wearing a mask properly involves making sure the mask covers both the nose and mouth. There is a common misconception that wearing a mask and letting it sit below the nose is okay, meanwhile it completely defeats the purpose of a mask. Wearing a mask prevents droplets that carry covid-19 from entering the vicinity that people breathe in thus limiting infections. It’s scientifically proven that masks reduce the chance of catching viruses. Aside from wearing the masks, medical workers ensure that all individuals in the building are wearing them properly. If one person is not wearing a mask, it makes it harder for others to stay safe and healthy. Oftentimes, medical clinics keep extra masks and gloves in stocks to pass out to patients to ensure that everyone is receiving a clean mask and illnesses are prevented.

Medical Assistants Practice Social Distancing

Aside from practicing social distancing in their homes, medical assistants continue to take this practice into the offices they work in. Following stricts protocols, they ensure that patients are spread apart and reduce confined interactions. One way they do this is by blocking off a majority of seats in a waiting room and only leaving a few seats open that are spaced apart to force patients entering the healthcare centers to stay spaced out. Once all the distanced seats are taken, the remaining patients may wait outside and be called in by medical assistants who are managing the space.

Medical assistants go through training and are highly prepared to deal with pandemics like this. During their training periods, the curriculum they absorb goes in depth about illnesses and how to deal with them so naturally when it’s time for them to be in a professional setting they make the best choices to provide the safest and healthiest options for the communities they are assisting.