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Graduating from a quality massage therapy school is the first step toward becoming a successful massage therapist.

Five Reasons to Choose SOCHi

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, with trained massage therapists finding rewarding positions in a variety of health and wellness environments. From spas to rehab clinics, hospitals to home care, massage therapists are utilizing their skills to heal, renew, de-stress and generally improve the health of their clients.

Massage therapy offers a variety of opportunities for helping others improve their health and wellness.

Interested in becoming a massage therapist? Great! Now it’s time to select the right massage school with the right training to ensure you become the best massage therapist possible. You’ll want to choose a school with a diverse curriculum, great opportunities for hands-on learning, and you’ll want to be part of a program that prepares you for the major exams and state certifications. A school like SOCHi!

Massage Therapy at Southern California Health Institute

Southern California Health Institute, or SOCHi, located in the Greater Los Angeles area, has been providing high-quality massage therapy training for 20 years. Highly regarded for the quality of their training in massage and related health and wellness skills, the school’s massage program provides training not only in the physics of massage techniques, but also in how to integrate it with a general health and wellness program.

Massage Theory and Application

SOCHi’s Professional Massage Therapy program offers a good balance of classroom studies and lab work. Here, you will learn about both the theory of massage and its application. A wide range of massage techniques is covered in the coursework of the program, including eastern massage, medical massage therapy, Russian sports massage, and specialized massage techniques. They also cover additional massage therapies including those frequently encountered in spa treatments.

A good massage school program will offer training in multiple techniques of medical, sports and specialized massage.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

In addition to the variety of massage-specific courses, SOCHi provides many health, wellness, and business classes to ensure graduates have a broad knowledge base and the skills needed to function in a variety of professional settings.

Having a good working knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body is vital to be a successful massage therapist, so SOCHi includes coursework in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, and pathology. CPR and first aid certification are also requirements and a part of the program.

Learning To Be a Professional

Students are also required to take classes in principles of business and professional ethics. Whether you are working in a spa, clinic, rehab facility, or hospital setting, having these skills will help you to step into an entry-level position quickly and successfully.

Preparation for the Future

Graduates of the Advanced Massage Therapy program at SOCHi are not only prepared for entry-level massage therapy work, but also to sit for the certification exams offered by the state. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the Massage and Bodywork LicensingExam (MBLEX). Upon successfully completing and passing the MBLEX, you can be licensed as a massage therapist in your state. You can also apply for certification in the state of California through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), a voluntary certification to practice as a massage therapist in California.

Choosing a massage school does not have to be a difficult proposition. You want a school with a proven history of educating successful massage therapists. You want a school with a well-balanced curriculum that provides didactic learning and hands-on training, with a variety of classes including health and wellness studies, business and professional preparation. You want a school that prepares you for the future, and SOCHi (and their Advanced Massage Therapy program) does just that.

Graduating from a quality massage therapy school is the first step toward becoming a successful massage therapist.

For more information about SOCHi’s programs, or to read more about how to choose the right program for you, visit our website.


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