The Importance of NASM Certification

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High-quality education, along with certification from NASM, will jump start your career as a personal fitness trainer.

Getting a high-quality education that puts you on the path to a healthy and long-lasting career is no longer restricted to the confines of college classrooms. Now, more and more vocational schools, such as the highly-regarded Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi), are offering comprehensive programs in healthcare, fitness and wellness careers that prepare you to be competitive and successful in the healthcare industry. SOCHi's programs, including their Personal Fitness Trainer/Health and Wellness Professional program, offer the right balance of classroom material and clinical lab experience to prepare you for an entry-level career as a personal fitness trainer.

The Benefits of a NASM Certification

While you are studying to be a fitness trainer at SOCHi, you will want to begin thinking about the requirements to enter successfully into the personal training industry. A variety of certifications and credentialing exams are available to graduates of programs like SOCHi's. Successfully completely a credentialing exam validates your skills, giving you a leg up when it comes to securing an entry-level position. If you are attending SOCHi, you will most likely be preparing to sit for the NASM exam.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

NASM, or National Association of Sports Medicine, has been partnered with SOCHi since 2013, and that partnership as helped set a standard for excellence in fitness education. NASM pioneered standards for health and fitness education.

NASM certifications are in great demand by facilities that employ personal fitness trainers, primarily because NASM sets high industry standards for education and expertise. In fact, many gyms prefer to see this certification when you apply for employment. The certification exams require you to have a broad and thorough base of knowledge, including anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and the science and psychology of human movement. Your fitness trainer courses also need to include coursework that teaches you how to evaluate an individual and create a safe and effective exercise plan for them, nutritional guidance, and business courses.

SOCHi's Fitness Training Program

SOCHi's partnership with NASM has helped maintain and define its standards for educational excellence for years. At SOCHi, the Personal Trainer Program takes a well-rounded approach, giving you the academic knowledge in the classroom, while also providing the practical opportunities you need to perfect your skills as a fitness trainer long before you venture out and pursue that entry-level position with a gym or spa. Integrating these core studies, as well as relaxation and stretching, and nutrition, into programs that cater to every fitness level, reflects the philosophy and practices of the NASM.

NASM certified personal trainers have completed rigorous training in the science, psychology and physiology of exercise and fitness.

Studying at SOCHi, and sitting for the NASM certification exam, is the best and most effective way to prepare yourself for a successful career as a personal fitness trainer, and to ensure that future workplaces will look at your education and experience with fairness and appreciation. An NASM certification can set you apart from other job candidates. SOCHi prepares you to successfully take the NASM exam and pass it.

If a career as a personal fitness trainer sounds appealing to you, SOCHi's comprehensive program can put you on the path to your new career. Please visit our website to learn more about this program, about the NASM certification exams, or you can request general or course-specific information here.