Healthcare Workers are At The Frontlines of The Pandemic

Healthcare Workers on Frontlines of the Pandemic
How CNAs and MAs are holding up our society?

Amidst our global pandemic and in the age of global distancing, the majority of our usual places of gathering are shut down. The only businesses and gathering places that are open are deemed essential and the backbones of our society. These places include grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, and most importantly healthcare facilities. Aside from the heroes behind the drugstore counter and the grocery stores, we mustn't forget about our healthcare providers. While our doctors and nurses are swamped with rising cases of COVID-19, they lean on other employees in facilities like certified nurse assistants and medical assistants to help.

A medical assistant’s regular duties consist of supportive tasks for other staff members such as setting up surgeries for doctors, drawing blood, checking vitals, and handling front desk duties. In the era of a pandemic, not only are these duties more than essential at this point but they are hazardous to act out. With a lack of proper medical gear, healthcare providers can be at great risk while our facilities are facing detrimental amounts of check-ins. Medical assistants bravely take care of not just regular visitors who need medical help, but now people affected by a virus that can possibly be fatal if not handled correctly.

Medical Assistants Save Lives

Medical assistants aren’t just saving community lives, but by ensuring that doctors and nurses aren’t taking on the brunt of all the hard work, they take some of the risk away from them and possibly save their lives as well. With more doctors and nurses healthy and alive, that means there is more of the general population healthy and alive.

When municipal governments decided that we as a school had to work remotely, our brave medical assistants decided to stay and help out the offices they worked at until they closed. Some of our externs worked at an urgent care where they are more susceptible to being affected by a virus such as COVID-19. Instead of going home to be safe, they were brave and decided to help their community.

Certified Nurse Assistants Help The Geriatric Community

CNAs are another valuable asset to our healthcare community that work hard to ensure our safety. Certified Nurse Assistants often work in facilities where there tends to be immunocompromised and vulnerable populations because they work with the geriatric.

community often. According to the World Health Organization, older communities are more vulnerable to this virus going around. CNAs are working in a tricky battlefield where they have to ensure that they are careful enough to not only stay healthy, but also not contaminate the community they are helping and ensure they do not get contaminated. They can do this by helping their vulnerable patients with social distancing. It’s tricky, because just like MAs, if CNAs are not assisting fellow nurses and doctors, there will be less of them to take care of the community.

The Backbone of The Health Industry

Without Medical Assistants and Certified Nurse assistants our healthcare system will be even more severely impacted than it already is. As the days go by, it will be more and more important and it is important to support our healthcare providers that are at the frontlines of this epidemic. These are the kind people that help you get situated, that check your blood pressure, and who tell you that things are going to be okay.

If you want to help your community and be at the front lines like the rest of these brave heroes then you can enroll in a medical assistant or CNA program near you. If not, keep up with news and pandemic updates and be sure to thank the members of your community who are going the extra mile to make sure you are safe.