Why Sochi Is a Great Choice for Adult Learners?

adult learning opportunity
Hands-on lab work and externships help to prepare SOCHi students for entry-level position in their chosen career.

Adult Career Opportunity

Adult learners have a variety of special needs that traditional college students may not. Adult learners often have a full-time job, a family, and other commitments that must be taken care of, and any educational needs must fit in around these. Adult learners also need to complete their educational goals quickly and completely, while still having the advantages of attending a real campus-based school that offers the social interaction and community benefits that any college does.

For adult learners interested in careers in the health and wellness industry, Southern California Health Institute (SOCHi) is a great choice.

SOCHi’s Career Programs

SOCHi focuses on professional training programs for growing careers in the health and wellness industry. Students can train to become physical therapy aides, personal fitness trainers, massage therapists, and more. Each of the career training paths that SOCHi offers prepares you as an adult student to step into an entry-level position in your chosen field, as well as giving you the tools, skills, and information to advance in your career as the industry expands and opportunities grow.

Hands-On Training

SOCHi provides excellent didactic learning, offering you the core concepts in anatomy, physiology, psychology and business that you will need to succeed in your chosen career. Just as important, though, is the opportunity to put those concepts into action, and SOCHi offers that as well. Lab work is an integral part of the SOCHi career programs, allowing you to put your knowledge into action in a workplace-like environment. SOCHi’s programs also include externships, providing you with the chance to work with real clients, patients, doctors, and others, an opportunity that may even lead to employment after graduation.

Personalized Learning Choices

SOCHi also offers a variety of opportunities to broaden your knowledge base and enhance your marketability in your chosen field through specialized workshops and seminars. Training in specialized massage techniques and other health and wellness concepts helps you broaden your educational base, improve your skills and ensure that you are an even greater asset to your future employer.

Flexible Learning

Adult learners have to manage the commitments of work and family as well as completing their education. When it comes to training for a new career, SOCHi offers a degree of flexibility so that adult learners can complete their classes and labs at a schedule that works with their life.

Career Assistance

Graduation is only the beginning. Venturing out in search of a job after graduating can be daunting, but for adult learners who graduate from the career programs at SOCHi finding a job becomes much easier. SOCHi offers career services in its Career Center department, including assistance with finding employment within their field of study. Advisors at the Career Center can help you with resume writing, cover letters, practicing interviews, setting up externship opportunities, and assisting you in evaluating job offers.

From resume writing to evaluating job offers, the SOCHi Career Center department helps graduates prepare for the job hunt outside of school.

Southern California Health Institute is a great career school for adult learners for a number of reasons. Offering a variety of career programs in the growing health and wellness industry, career assistance, with plenty of chances to expanded your knowledge base and increase your value as a future worker, SOCHi is there to help you get a solid foundation and jumpstart your career.

Are you interested in a career in the health, wellness or fitness industries? Visit our website for more information about our many comprehensive programs, or apply to SOCHi now.


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